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EXPOSED – The Shocking TRUTH About How Crooked Hillary Got ‘Millions’ Of Social Media Fans!

Flashback time!

A little over a year ago, one story shocked a lot of people; it involved one presidential candidate and her supposedly massive fan base.

As a prelude to what would become a pattern of behavior on the part of a major candidate, it was revealed that lies were only the first line of offense in the war of presidential nominees.

Before anyone knew what was going to befall the unfortunate candidate, Hillary Clinton was being prepped to be the DNC’s only choice through deception and a rigged Primary.

Shamelessly working in cahoots with the DNC, Clinton allowed herself to be crowned queen before a single vote had been cast.

As for the lies, they began humbly with “millions” of fake Hillary Twitter and Facebook supporters.

The Daily Mail:

Although Hillary Clinton boasts a robust 3.6 million Twitter followers, not even a vast right-wing conspiracy would be able to interact with 2 million of them.

And at least 15 per cent – more than 544,000 – are completely fake., the oldest publicly available Twitter-auditing tool, reports that 44 per cent of the former secretary of state’s followers are ‘good’; 15 per cent are ‘fake’; and 41 per cent are ‘inactive,’ meaning that they never tweet or reply to any tweets.

The White House worked overtime to purge most of them after a September 2013 report found that more than half of her followers didn’t really exist.

Another tool,, sampled 320,000 of Mrs. Clinton’s followers and found that 18 per cent were fake.

The new measurements will add to the Clinton presidential campaign’s embarrassment following news on Tuesday that a large number of her Facebook fans may represent ‘likes’ that were purchased rather than earned.


Vocativ reported that at least 7 per cent of them listed Baghdad, Iraq as their hometown, a larger number than any U.S. city.

That would represent more than 46,000 people.

While Clinton was America’s top diplomat, her State Department was buying Facebook ‘likes,’ according to an Associated Press report from last year.

‘In 2013, the State Department, which has more than 400,000 likes and was recently most popular in Cairo, said it would stop buying Facebook fans after its inspector general criticized the agency for spending $630,000 to boost the numbers,’ the wire service reported.”

And she has the gall to insult President Donald Trump, assuming her “legions” of loyal supporters will step up and applaud her?

Nothing new from the Queen of Mean, with an ego to match.

And more proof of the smoke and mirrors liberals have been throwing at America for YEARS.

Source: The Daily Mail

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