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BOOM: The Truth About Obama’s Popularity Rating Revealed…Liberals Are Flipping Out!

Democrats love to brag about how much America loves Barack Obama.

But do they really, or is this just another Leftist mirage doled out to the American public? You know, like when they tried to make us all believe that Hillary Clinton couldn’t possibly lose…?

Well, the latest numbers are in and it’s not looking like the outgoing President is getting a lot of love lately from the American people, which probably doesn’t surprise those of us who live in reality. We happen to know that a large portion of this country loathes Obama and for good reason.

Of course, Obama’s friends in the press will spin it differently, but according to new polling, the guy just isn’t winning big on the favor front. And what’s worse to those on the left, Obama’s favor has actually fallen lower than one of liberals’ worst enemies, George W. Bush.

Yep, that’s correct.

“Remember when the entire country (liberals) kept saying that Obama had a higher approval rating than George W. Bush? Well, looks like they turned out to be liars and once again were peddling fake news, as they love to accuse others of doing,” Yes I’m Right reported.

Remember this nonsense from CNN (the Clinton News Network)?

Yeah, well, a recent Pew poll found Obama’s ratings with Democrats is high…as if that’s any gigantic surprise. You could reveal that he had the Pope assassinated and liberals wouldn’t budge.

But with Republicans?

Look at these numbers: Obama’s favor with Democrats is at 81 percent, versus with Republicans, at 14 percent. But when George W. Bush was in office, Bush’s favor with Democrats was at 23 percent, and with Republicans, at 81 percent.

See that?

“Don’t buy into the hype,” Yes I’m Right reported. “The country doesn’t love Obama as much as the liberal media says it does. It’s all a lie.”

Remember that word: LIE. The Obama administration is steeped in lies, as are most people who supported him, and this truism is starting to occupy more of the limelight, too.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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