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The Truth About Trump’s Business Ties REVEALED…Liberals Don’t Want You To See This!

Damned if you do…

Trump’s critics continue to pummel him with new allegations of conflicts of interest regarding the Trump empire he has built over decades. The charges of what Trump might do, may do, could do, or would do are myriad and entrenched in minutiae.

They’re pretty relentless, in fact. It seems Democrats and Liberals just can’t get past the idea that Donald Trump is just some greedy pig who doesn’t care about anything but money.

What they don’t do is detail what Trump has already done in order to ensure that there will not be any conflict of interest.

1. The Trump Empire will not enter into any foreign business deal while he is president.
2. He will appoint a new ethics advisor who must approve all domestic deals before they can be finalized.
3. Trump’s businesses and assets will be put into a trust that will have a “no involvement whatsoever” clause
4. Trump has cancelled all pending deals and has imposed harsh new restrictions on new domestic deals in the US
5. Trump will have “limited knowledge rights” regarding all former businesses.
6. Trump, his children, and long-time business associates will be banned from discussing company operations and the inner workings of the US government.
7. Trump also has prohibited his company from making any references in public, including on social media, to his role as president. His attorneys had previously told POLITICO that the company would not be using images of Trump in advertisements and that it also wouldn’t sell any presidential memorabilia inside his hotels or golf course pro shops.

There are others, but you get the picture. The man is doing everything in his power to ensure that his Administration lives up to the highest standards.

Of course, that’s still not good enough for some:

Via Politico:

“Critics and even some of Trump’s friends and longtime business associates expect him to continue talking to his sons about the businesses, and ethics experts have said that he will inherently know how the business is doing — because he knows where his properties are (they are often emblazoned with his name.) And Trump knows what assets he holds, meaning he will inherently understand how new laws will benefit or hurt the trust and his sons.

‘Without a full and complete divestment of financial conflicts of interests, the American people will not be able to tell where the Trump Organization ends and where the Trump administration begins,’ Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bob Casey and Tammy Baldwin said in a joint statement issued ahead of the Trump press conference.”

Ah, Liberals…gotta love their hypocrisy. Here’s Elizabeth Warren lecturing America again on ethical behavior. A woman who took federal money (also known as taxpayer’s pocket change) to attend school because she claimed that she was a Native American. How did she know? Her high cheekbones, of course!

This conflict of interest Kabuki Theatre that playing out right now is just a massive character assassination waiting to happen. Step aside, Judge Thomas, there’s a new punching bag in town.

Beware, though…this punching bag hits back.

Source: Politico

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