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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Can’t BELIEVE What This Liberal Fascist Says…And He Drops The HAMMER!

Dealing With Opposition to Your Liberal Point of View

Lesson #1: Espouse all characteristics of that to which you are opposed

Lesson #2: Never, EVER answer questions that will expose your behavior as that to which you are opposed

In recent months, I believe the Right has mistakenly trivialized the way Leftists have been freaking out over some of the most inconsequential matters.

Truth be told, not all Liberals are pacifists (although some do require pacifiers and frequent diaper changes). Some Liberals are, in fact, dangerous to society at large, as the Berkeley riots proved.

We’ve already had a Congresswoman applaud those horrifying riots, which was bad enough.

And it’s part of the problem; part of the reason why the Democrats have become the party of oppression and narrow-mindedness…precisely everything they claim to oppose.

Fox News:

“Tonight, Tucker Carlson took on Yvette Felarca, a national organizer for militant left-wing activist group By Any Means Necessary.

Felarca, who helped organize the protests at UC-Berkeley two weeks ago, is calling for similar protests at universities across the country when there are guest speakers she believes are ‘fascists.’

‘A fascist is someone who’s organizing a mass movement that’s attacking women, immigrants, black people, other minority groups in a movement of genocide,’ Felarca said.

She said that Milo Yiannopoulos, the subject of the Berkeley riots, is a fascist because he whips up a ‘lynch mob mentality’ among his supporters and incites violence.”

Carlson, the master at forcing a Liberal to speak in circle-logic (an archaic form of Progressive lying) handily proves that just because someone claims to have a degree in teaching, doesn’t necessarily mean that they SHOULD have a degree in teaching.

It certainly did not help Felarca’s cause when, as she spoke about the Fascists of the alt-Right (pretty sure that term expired last month, but okay) Carlson’s crew was playing a video of the “teacher” striking and inciting violence against a protester that was in their space.

In fact, she was successful at having the man pulled to the ground and stomped on by no less than three “harmless anti-Fascist protesters”.

Gee, maybe the FBI should look into By Any Means Necessary, as they’re investigating the Berkeley mayor…what do you think?

This woman is a shameless hustler of all things Liberal (which means that whatever violence they incite is perfectly acceptable and warranted).

All Right wing outfits should steer clear of this fraud, because it’s obvious that the only thing that drives this woman to get out of bed every morning (aside from acid reflux) is the possibility of hearing her own voice in front of a microphone.

Source: Fox News

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