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Tucker Carlson Takes Off The Gloves And Pounds Maxine Waters

One would think that a person would feel shame or guilt when they do things that are blatantly hypocritical or dishonest.

But for the average leftist, those feelings have been eradicated from their personal spectrum. They routinely lie and engage in hypocritical behavior, often getting called out for it.

Yet they’ll still publicly posture and try to rationalize it away, even though they know that We know they’re full of it.

It’s really insane because they’re aware they’re not fooling anyone, but they choose to keep up the charade. Maybe it’s because they’ve lied for so long, they simply don’t know any other method of communication.

A big-time proponent of this behavior is one of the Democrat’s golden girls, Maxine Waters.

She’s become a focal point in the “resistance” to Trump for some reason, probably because she’s been spouting complete nonsense without second thought since his election.

Shamelessly, she’s taken to throwing out damaging accusations at people who call her radical rhetoric out. But much to her dismay, her latest target wasn’t deterred by her wolf-crying.

As reported at the Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson recently asked a very basic question on his Fox News show:

How can Rep. Maxine Waters afford to live in a $4.3 million mansion?

In response to the question, Waters did what liberals do best, accuse their attacker with some “ism.”

Tucker’s question saw him charged with racism by Waters, but instead of cowing to the word like many conservatives do, he went on the offensive, doing a broad expose´ on the radical Monday night.

Waters has been stinking up Congress for 40 years, and she hasn’t been shy in enriching herself during that time. She lives in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles, despite representing one of the poorest.

When asked about this stark contrast in an interview for the New York Slimes, she called Tucker a racist, and said he had no business speculating about how a black woman acquired her wealth.

Tucker couldn’t let the baseless charge slide, however, making Waters a target for his fierce reporting.

So where did the money [for the house] come from?” Carlson asked again.

Maybe she borrowed it from family members. Since 2006 she’s paid her own daughter $600,000 from campaign funds.

Then there’s her husband who was once the director of One United Bank,” he continued.

Never heard of it? Well in 2008 One United Bank got a $12 million tax bill bailout after Waters convince the treasury department to take up the case.”


One liberal group ranked Waters as one of the most corrupt members of Congress. We are withholding judgment on that,” Carlson concluded.

We’ve asked Waters on this show many times to explain and we’re going to keep asking.

But Waters won’t appear on his show, because she’s a lying coward.

She’s made her fortune thanks to, at the bare minimum, unethical means via her relationships and power as a member of Congress.

And she gets reelected time and again by making bold promises to the poor, while not doing a thing to help the community she’s been “representing” for nearly half a century.

She’s the definition of a hack. She’s a charlatan with a room temperature IQ that has no business walking the halls of Congress.

It’s about time the people of her district got a clue and voted this disgrace out of office once and for all.

Source: Daily Caller

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