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BOOM: Tucker Carlson HUMILIATES Trump-Hating College Snowflake…Do We See Tears?!

Note to liberals: Don’t bring a snowflake to a gun fight.

That’s pretty much the takeaway from a recent interview conducted by Fox News host Tucker Carlson who spoke on air with an anti-Donald Trump American University student – who probably, post-talk, wishes he had just stayed home and watched a movie.

The interview focused on how this student wants a trustee at his school, Gary Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs in New York – who supports Trump and who just met with the president-elect about a possible administration appointment – to be fired.

Why? Simply because the trustee supports Trump.

As Yes I’m Right notes:

“Carlson makes this student tie himself into knots to explain why his agenda, a fossil fuel-free, tuition-free and Trump-free existence, is nothing but outright hypocrisy. … [Perhaps] snowflakes are finally melting.”

Here’s a tidbit: The student decries the fact that his school is too expensive and that Cohn, as trustee, has voted against free- and reduced-tuition campaigns for some time. And Tucker’s response? All schools are expensive, but Cohn actually gives money to the school, because trustees aren’t paid for their positions; they actually pay to serve in that role.

And Tucker followed up: “It seems that your real beef is the fact Cohn met with Trump, and is a supporter of Trump.”

One more excellent Tucker-ism: “How can you slam Cohn for being aligned with the fossil fuel industry, and slam him for it, but then take a car to the studio to be on television?”

Good point, Carlson.

He went on: “Aren’t you a hypocrite? I’m not attacking you. But if you set the standard … can you pass the test?”

The interview spanned about five minutes but this is the main point: The student, who’s a senior at the Washington, D.C. place of higher learning, was not able to articulate a cohesive, logical response. Hardly surprising.

Mad Hatter, meet Alice.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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