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Two Birds With One MASSIVE Stone – Trump VAPORIZES Terrorists And Humiliates Obama!

This is going to be a LOOONNNNGGG four years, that’s for sure.

And not because Donald Trump is going to fail.

By all indications, the Liberals believe the next four years are going to crawl by because they absolutely abhor Trump and all his Obama Legacy destruction.

For us, it is going to be an extremely frustrating four years because we are going to have to endure the constant whining and complaining and moaning of the entitlement crowd.

These people are so used to getting their way that their first REAL taste of rejection is playing out like Carrie’s prom night.

They are whining like the immature individuals they are; take away a freebie and they go ape-sh** because horror of horrors, they don’t get stuff for free anymore!

And let us not forget that no matter how many people come OFF unemployment, no matter how far the debt is reduced, no matter how many tax dollars are brought into the government coffers because taxes have been reduced, no matter how many wars we stay OUT of, no matter how many good trade deals and repeal of corporation regulations bring back companies to the U.S., and no matter how safe the streets in our inner cities become or the border, no matter how well our roads and bridges are maintained, and no matter how many terrorist plots are averted, etc., etc…

…the Left will never, never, never, ever concede that the Republicans were responsible for any of it.

Well, Trump and Co. are at least responsible for THIS:

Allen B. West:

In just the past week, the air force unleashed hell on al-Qaida in Yemen, destroying 40 targets.

For some context, in just one week Trump’s administration eclipsed the annual bombing total for any year during Obama’s presidency.

According to Foreign Policy Magazine, Under the previous administration, approval for strikes came only after slow-moving policy discussions, with senior officials required to sign off on any action. The Trump administration has proven much quicker at green-lighting attacks.

President Donald Trump’s readiness to order military action stands in contrast to the previous administration.


When Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice ran the policymaking process, ‘stuff moved like molasses through the National Security Council,’ much to the frustration of military planners at U.S. Central Command, a former senior defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Foreign Policy.

The interagency discussions allowed plans to languish for weeks while debates swirled over when and how to act.

The change in policy here? Allowing the military to actually act on the intelligence they’ve gathered.

During Obama’s presidency, military pilots who returned from fighting ISIS in Iraq confirmed that 75 percent of airstrikes were blocked by Obama, as they couldn’t get clearance to launch a strike.

We were at war during Obama’s entire presidency – we just didn’t fight it.

Just one more example of how Trump and Obama differed in their approach to the Leader of the Free World position.

Obama believed that the world at large was better at telling the United States how to do their job, while Trump believes that the world at large is better off shutting up and watching REAL leadership in action.

Source: Allen B. West

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