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United Airlines Overbooks A Flight…Passengers HORRIFIED At What Happens Next

Okay, so you can’t have an overloaded aircraft. We get it.

That’s a serious safety concern given that every plane needs the proper weight distribution, so overbooking is actually a very serious issue.

…but it’s the airline’s fault, yes?

And when they decide to fix it by forcing random passengers off the plane, and someone captures the moment on video, well…lawsuits are bound to explode.

While the security of the country in general often takes precedence here at RWR (remember the staffers who had to be escorted off White House grounds?), there are other issues that affect everyone.

The scale is smaller but it’s no less shocking, in truth.

Just watch this:

Yeah, we have NO idea what airport security was thinking there. Maybe they believed the guy was some sort of security risk, or something? Hard to say.

But it’s clear that this guy was terrified at what was happening, and the passengers were equally horrified. If this is how United Airlines resolves these issues – issues THEY caused in the first place – then somebody needs to be fired.


Source: Twitter

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