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U.S., Canada Vow To Keep Wealth, Jobs In North America…And A New BROMANCE Is Born!

Canada is known for its hockey, mounties, moose, French-speaking populace, rock singers, and comedians.

One thing it’s not known for is its combativeness with America.

They are, however, good at booting out deadbeat liberals who tried to leave this country and LEECH into the northern territories. Come on, tell me that wasn’t one of the funniest reports ever.

Although a good portion of the northern country is at odds with the United States under the newest Republican leadership, it is nevertheless a great friend to this nation.

Just as America, the population is politically cut in half between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

One such Liberal happens to be its Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau; President Trump welcomed Mr. Trudeau to the White House yesterday and they spoke at length about the NAFTA trade agreement and women-in-the-workplace issues.

Fox News:

“President Trump and visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasized their shared goal of job creation after their first formal sit-down Monday, helping ease concerns about whether trade tensions between the U.S. and Mexico could reverberate across the continent.

Toward the end of a joint press conference at the White House, Trump acknowledged they would be ‘tweaking’ what he described as the ‘outstanding’ trade relationship between the U.S. and Canada. But Trump made clear America’s northern neighbor is not the chief target of any new trade negotiations.

‘It’s a much less severe situation than what’s taking place on the southern border,’ Trump said, indicating he’s looking to strengthen the trade relationship with Canada.

We should coordinate closely, and we will coordinate closely to protect jobs in our hemisphere, and keep wealth on our continent,’ Trump said.”

With the world views of both of these leaders being so polar opposite, it is admirable to see that Trump and Trudeau could get along so well on a personal level.

This is about more than out-of-touch, completely ignorant, massive blowhard celebrities…none of whom made good on their threat to run away to Canada if Trump won the election.

No, this is far more important: Above all, it’s quite telling about Trump’s personality being so polar opposite to the narrative of the mainstream media.

As a precursor to this sit-down, you can almost hear the snickering of the snobbish elites over at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR and the NY Times regarding their notion that Trump was going to embarrass both himself and the nation by his crass and rude behavior.

As it turns out, Trump appears to be the class act we’ve been missing from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the past eight years.

Source: Fox News


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