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Can You Pass A Basic U.S. Citizen Quiz? These College Snowflakes Tried And…

Are you one of those people who have asked, “What are they teaching kids in school today?”

Given the newcomers to the American workforce, many employers wonder if kids learned anything at all. Today’s youths are graduating with zero viable skills and shockingly little knowledge about…well, anything.

But perhaps the most astonishing (and depressing) fact is that these youngsters are especially clueless about American history and U.S. politics.

Supposedly educated individuals can’t even tell you who the Vice President is, and most have no idea how many Senators there are. And that’s just the tip of this disheartening iceberg.

Granted, our educational system is completely overrun and dominated by Leftist propaganda, and part of that propaganda is that you’re supposed to hate your country. That’s called “questioning.”

So it stands to reason that most people under the age of 20 or 25 know absolutely nothing about how this country operates. With this little knowledge, they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters proved this when he asked college students simple U.S. citizenship questions on camera.

Prepare to cringe because this is just pathetic.

This is the kind of thing that really aggravates true Patriots, especially those who enjoyed a very different education. You know, one that teaches you things as opposed to telling you how to think.

This is the result of a liberal schooling, ladies and gentlemen:

You’re great at whining and rationalizing and avoiding responsibility and being the laziest socialist alive, but you can’t screw in a light bulb, do simple math, or read a book past page 12.

Oh, and you can’t answer questions every American should be able to answer by the time they’re ten years old.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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