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Breaking: U.S. Just Cracked Down HUGE On Immigration, And Taxpayers Save A BOATLOAD Of Cash!

Many people are unaware that one of the greatest empires in human history, the Romans, had an incredibly huge problem with immigration and assimilation.

For much of their latter years, everyone in the civilized and recently conquered world wanted to be part of the Roman Empire.

As it grew and spread throughout the known world, leaders from other countries and provinces, some well-known, but most non-famous, curried the favor of the Roman potentates to gain governorships.

The unwieldiness of the empire as its influence stretched outward became ever more tenuous as other countries’ cultures intermingled with the Roman lifestyle, until eventually, many of these cultures refused to assimilate.

Where before, Latin and Aramaic were the chosen languages, newly absorbed locations opted out on learning the language of the Romans, in lieu of their own. Many historians argue that this had a major impact on the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Today, the United States struggles with a very similar problem. Though we’ve seen a drop in the total immigration numbers early this year, the courts continue to battle President Donald Trump.

The result?

More refugees flooding into our country than ever before. Well, while the Trump administration continues to fight for the so-called “travel ban,” there’s something else the U.S. is doing to help stem the tide.

Western Journalism:

“While President Donald Trump’s newest travel ban remains blocked by federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has instructed U.S. embassies around the world to toughen screening for visas, including mandatory reviews of social media accounts of some applicants.

Reuters reports diplomatic cables sent by the state department says visa applications for ‘populations warranting increased scrutiny’ warrant the heightened screening process.


The first two cables, sent March 10 and March 15, were received before a federal judge in Hawaii ordered a temporary restraining order nationwide on Trump’s revised travel ban.

Trump’s revised ban prohibits citizens from Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia from getting visas for at least 90 days, refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days. Iraq was included in the ban’s first version.

Tillerson also wants a mandatory review of social media accounts from any applicant who’s been in territory controlled by the Islamic State.

What many Americans (especially those on the Left) don’t know is that the United States actually SHUT DOWN ALL IMMIGRATION IN THIS COUNTRY FROM 1924 to 1965 for the sole reasons of assimilation.

Sure, the Ted Cruz immigration report was encouraging but that hardly solves the ongoing problem, for which there is only one obvious solution.

If we fail to require an assimilation period now, we risk going the way of the now-infamous Fall of the Roman Empire. Sadly, it’s almost inevitable.

Source: Western Journalism

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