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Breaking: U.S. Drops GIGANTIC Immigration Bombshell: Take Back Your Criminals, Or…!

Sadly, this bill comes too late for a great many victims, including Casey Chadwick, a young girl murdered in 2015 by an illegal immigrant from Haiti.

But as illegal immigration has gone completely out of control and Americans continue to suffer, it’s time to fight the war on all sides. It’s not just about President-elect Donald Trump’s wall; it’s also about punishing countries who think they can dump their trash here and get away with it.

We’ve got Senator Ted Cruz going to war against the Muslims (and rightfully so) and now we’ve got a Texas congressman who is only interested in protecting this country’s citizens.

At this point, safety should be our #1 priority.

According to a new Fox News report, Rep. Brian Babin has put forth the Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act, which would force countries to take back illegals and other dangerous individuals…or else. Those countries will risk losing aid, travel visas, and other privileges; said Babin:

The problem is hundreds of Americans are being robbed, assaulted, raped, or murdered every year by criminal aliens who are then released back onto the streets because their countries of origins refuse to take them back. I have personally met with a number of these victims, or if the victim is deceased, I have met with their families. It is heart wrenching.

This entire mess has to be cleaned up. The guy who killed Chadwick had been here illegally since 1992 and had already spent 17 years in prison for attempted murder and possession of a firearm without a permit. The U.S. tried to get rid of him but the Haitian government kept refusing to repatriate him.

Added Babin:

For the sake of Casey and thousands of other Americans who have been victimized, it is time we start putting the safety of our citizens first and stop this revolving door that is allowing dangerous criminals who should be deported back onto our streets.

The recent stats say that since 2013, 86,288 illegal immigrants have committed 231,074 after being released from prison. Both numbers are entirely unacceptable and it’s long past time for other countries to take responsibility for their own garbage.

And with Trump coming in, the bill now has “renewed interest.”

Man, we can’t wait for January 20…maybe then we can finally start protecting our citizens again!

Source: Fox News

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