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Terrifying: U.S. Military Exposes Obama’s Most HEINOUS Failure…America Is In SERIOUS Danger!

Barack Obama, we’re glad to be rid of you.

You’ve been working to sabotage President Donald Trump for months, laying a series of recently revealed booby traps that will continue to be exposed. We promise you that.

And the thing is, it’s not just the scandals. It’s not only that we know your presidency has put Trump’s team in a ridiculously difficult position.

It’s also that you’ve placed America in danger by allowing our once-magnificent U.S. military to wither and wane during your tenure. You’re no friend to men and women in uniform, though Trump has proven time and again that he IS.

How far has our military fallen in recent years, you ask?

Well, according the 2017 Index of U.S. Military Strength, published by The Heritage Foundation and cited by multiple sources, including Independent Journal Review and The Daily Signal, we are now officially “Weak.”

To be specific, the Army earned the sad “Weak” rating while the other three branches only registered a “Marginal” rating. This puts our armed forces and their states of readiness at its lowest level in decades.

Thank you, Obama.

  • Army: Of 58 total brigade combat teams (the Army’s main combat building block), only three are considered ready for combat.
  • Navy: The Navy’s fleet is the smallest it has been in nearly 100 years. This makes ship repairs harder to complete, as those vessels are needed on the waterways.
  • Marine Corps: Eighty percent of Marine aviation units do not have even the minimum number of aircraft they need for training and basic operations.
  • Air Force: The Air Force is the smallest and, in terms of many of its aircraft, oldest it has ever been. The service had 8,600 aircraft in 1991 while today it only has 5,500, and those aircraft are an average of 27 years old. Worse, fewer than half of those aircraft are prepared to take on and defeat our adversaries.

These statistics are beyond troubling.

This country has enemies and unfortunately, we need to defend ourselves and attack when necessary to maintain our freedom and way of life.

Problem is, we’re not ready to do any such thing. Seems the only interaction Obama had with our military was to stop them from eliminating ISIS threats overseas, thereby placing our country in even greater danger.

Hopefully, though, Donald Trump will fix this.

We now have a president who not only respects the armed forces but fully understands how necessary they really are. So, more power to you, Mr. President…and more power to our brave men and women who serve!

America forever!

Sources: Independent Journal Review, The Daily Signal

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