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Disgusting: U.S. Soldier Beaten Nearly To Death By Anti-America Gang…This Will Make You SICK!

Christ. It’s Vietnam all over again.

Decades ago, this country was ripped by shame when soldiers returning from a conflict most didn’t even support were treated to derision by those they served – by the Americans they came home to.

And it was with growing outrage through the years that America swore to never treat U.S. soldiers like that again; that is was understood and accepted that no matter what the politics of the situation, soldiers were just doing their jobs and ought not be, say, spit upon by civilians for, again, just doing their jobs.

But now we have a very dark story that hails back to that time. It starts as follows:

A kind stranger gave Austin Freni, 19, a free ticket to fly from his Army base in Georgia to New Jersey to be with his mother for the holiday season. A very nice gesture and one that should’ve had a happy ending. Instead…

“But while attending the annual Mummers Parade – a colorful folk festival – in Philadelphia on Sunday, 10-15 men put him in hospital because of his Army jacket, his mom told Fox 29,” The Daily Mail reported.

His hospital pictures were heart-wrenching, and showed Freni in a state of utter distress, with neck injuries and jaw wounds. And his girlfriend who was with him at the parade was tossed into the street and suffered minor injuries.


His mom told local news:

“‘He’s had to get plates put in his jaw and his mouth will be wired shut for the next eight weeks. He’s such a good kid, he did not deserve this.'”

Is this how we’re treating U.S. service members these days?

Disliking the military is one thing. In America, we have freedom of speech and plenty of freedoms to choose which vocations seem best suited. But taking that dislike and just randomly beating down a soldier for wearing a uniform is an outrage that reeks of Vietnam era disgust.

And if that’s where we’re headed, then we need some quick reeducation. The U.S. military is among the finest, if not the finest, in the world, and those who put their lives on the lines to serve ought to be treated with utmost respect and courtesy.

Source: The Daily Mail

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