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Two Disgusting U.S. Traitors Help ISIS Fighter…Then They Find Out Who The ‘Fighter’ REALLY Is

Chicago seems to be a breeding ground for malice, discontent, bigotry, danger, and outright evil.

When Barack Hussein Obama was a full-time professional agitator on the streets of Chicago, life may have seemed worthwhile.

The former president was affecting young people’s lives in a positive way (or so he thought) by making them angry at their lot in life; Obama, as it turns out, has been playing the race card his entire life.

Stoking the fires of discontent as a community organizer meant that he could sleep well at night knowing he had perhaps caused another Black man to hate America.

As mentioned in my other article, Barack’s “Whiteness” affliction may have also played into the fact that he was hell-bent on exacting revenge against society.

Two men in Chicago probably never met the former president, but chances are they were certainly affected by his rhetoric.

Allen B. West:

[T]wo men who resided in the city’s suburbs were arrested over the weekend after trying to aid ISIS.

The two men, Joseph Jones and Edward Schimenti, worked out with an alleged jihadist at a gym in Zion (who really was an FBI informant), aiming to get him into shape for combat.

The two men also bought the faux jihadist two cell phones that would be used to detonate bombs, and dropped the him off at the O’Hare International Airport last Friday believing he was going to the Middle East to kill ‘infidels.’

Of course, as the Chicago Tribune reported, what Jones and Schimenti didn’t know was that the purported Islamic State fighter was actually an informant and that the FBI had been investigating them for nearly two years after red-flagging social media posts supporting terrorist activities, according to prosecutors.


Among their social media posts included the two posing behind ISIS flags in numerous photos, and expressing a desire to see the flag fly on top of the White House.”

Jones and Schimenti (also known as Yusuf Abdulhaqq and Abdul Wali respectively) pledged themselves to ISIS and acknowledged a certain taste for violent extremism and videos of beheadings and mass executions.

They were also enamored of Black Lives Matter, a group that wholly shunned them once Jones took to the microphone at one of their rallies.

The controversial group admitted that these two were too radical, even for them…and that’s saying something, considering Black Lives Matter has been getting more and more overtly hostile.

We have to understand that these terrorists are among us, and more are sympathizing with ISIS every day. They are America’s enemy and that’s THAT.

Sources:  Allen B. West, Chicago Tribune

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