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Iraq War Veteran Humiliates Meryl Streep, Shows The World What COURAGE Really Is…

Everyone wants a piece of this hypocrite.

Days later, and the media is still talking about liberal Hollywood bigwig, Meryl Streep, and her so-called “bold stand” against Donald Trump during the acceptance of her award on the Golden Globes stage.

The star-studded have heaped praise upon praise upon Streep’s head, saying her attack on Trump, and her public shaming of his supposed mocking of a disabled reporter – an incident that Trump says never happened – was just what America needed to hear, and a well-timed and brave profession against the incoming cruel leader.

One movie producer, Judd Apatow, even called Streep’s speech “clear and brave,” and said the country needed more like her ready to fight the “bad ideas and lies” of Trump.

And of course, Hollywood has officially backed her as well…no surprise there.

But one Iraq veteran, J.R. Salzman, apparently had enough of the Hollywood self-love fest. Salzman, who lost his arm during an EFP attack in Iraq (specifically, his right arm was blown off just below the elbow, and he suffered damage to his brain and right hand) took to social media to show Streep, and others of her ilk, just what bravery really is.

As Independent Journal Review reported, his tweet was mostly a photo that showed him before and after the blast.

But the text also read: “I too hope to one day be as courageous and selfless as Meryl Streep.”

Ouch. His website shows more of the realities of what happened to Salzman, including a photo of his bullet-riddled Humvee and another of the shrapnel that doctors pulled from his arm, about the size of a quarter.

You know what, though? Streep won’t even see the tweet. And she surely wouldn’t admit it, or respond, if she did. People like Streep live in a bubble; a world that is so different from anything the average person experiences that truth could smack them in the face and they just wouldn’t see it.

And that’s fine. But what’s NOT fine is trying to sell a false notion of bravery, of patriotism, and expecting applause for it. Streep represents the world of delusion and fantasy; Salzman, the all-too-painful reality.

Remember that, Hollywood.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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