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Flashback Vid Exposes Meryl Streep’s Stunning Hypocrisy…She Gave WHO A Standing Ovation?!

It just keeps getting worse for Meryl Streep.

By now, everybody’s heard about the Golden Globes’ political slant, and the aforementioned actress’ political rant against Donald Trump for a long-denied mocking of a disabled journalist.

The rhetoric in the room that evening against all-things-Trump was – well, pretty vicious. But perhaps you haven’t heard just how hypocritical Streep was when she spent considerable breath labeling Trump cruel man with, as she put it, an “instinct to humiliate” and degrade others.

If not, read on. This gets pretty good, especially if you were one of many who wanted to throw something at the screen during Streep’s speech.

In a video flashback cited by Independent Journal Review:

“Streep and her cadre of ‘vilified’ Hollywood peers can be seen applauding for Roman Polanski — a man who fled the U.S. to avoid prosecution for charges of raping a 13-year-old girl.”

And just in case you’re of the mind Polanski is an innocent man, this is what he said of his teenage victim

Again, from IJR, Polanski said in a 2012 documentary of his life: “She is a double victim: My victim, and a victim of the press.”

But in 2003, Streep gave this scumbag a standing ovation.

Really? Streep’s just another Hollywood bubble dweller. In her mind, America’s conservative classes are filled with deplorable people bent of sending women, barefoot and pregnant, back to the kitchen; blacks back to slavery; and the earth’s resources, straight into the hands of the nearest greedy developer.

Her world is filled with money, prestige and first-class service, yet she thinks she understands the plights and problems of the working class enough to know Trump won’t prove a benefit for the country.

Well, Streep, stay in your bubble, please. Because when it comes to politics, life is way more than a movie screen.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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