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Vietnam Vet Changes 1 Cop’s Life Forever…And INSTANTLY Becomes An Internet Sensation

Our senior citizens do some truly amazing things.

James Wright is a 70-year-old Vietnam Veteran whose wife has been suffering with dementia for a few years.

Recently, he had a stroke, but still managed to drive down the nursing home to see her every day.

When his truck broke down one day and he couldn’t fix it in time, he decided that his marriage and his wife were too important and chose to walk the miles to the nursing home.

On one particular day, the heat being a bit too much, James sat down to rest when an off-duty Weaver Police Lieutenant Charles Plitt approached him in his car.

After chatting with him briefly and asking him if he was all right, James agreed to allow Officer Plitt to drive him to the nursing home.

As they drove, he really got to know his passenger.

Independent Journal Review:

“Along the way, Wright and Plitt chatted nonstop. Wright talked about his time at war, the lessons he learned, and the friends he’d lost, WVTM notes.

They said their farewells as they reached Wright’s destination,

However, Wright’s conversation stayed in Plitt’s mind, and by the next day he shared the story in a Facebook post.

One of Plitt’s main takeaways from the conversation:

Thought about it all the way home that these veterans deserve a lot more recognition and commemoration than they get.

Since Wright’s story has gotten out, people in the community have begun trying to raise money to fix his truck.

Wright says he plans to keep making the walk until his body will no longer let him.

The fact that someone was willing to walk miles every day to see his wife is a testament to the caliber of person that James Wright is.

His wife continues to see him because of the kind gesture of a stranger, because who knows what could’ve happened that day out on the road in the middle of nowhere.

When the residents end up fixing James’ truck, the town will have a sense of community that is not experienced too often these days.

A sense of community that should be experienced everywhere around this great country.

Here’s to Etowah County, Alabama!

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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