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Shock Report – The #1 Violent Threat To American Lives Revealed…And It Isn’t ISIS

There is a neighborhood in Hartford, Connecticut, where even the police will not venture.

This was a revelation that I had been privy to while I was living in New Britain many years ago.

What made it more shocking was that the people who lived and worked in those neighborhoods KNEW THIS and were perfectly fine with its reality!

Having been brought up in rough neighborhoods where crime, domestic violence, and drug/alcohol abuse was an everyday occurrence, I am nevertheless acutely aware that the police simply cannot be expected to see everything all the time.

This is particularly true when society at large is either purposefully obfuscating the crimes, or they are intimidated by the violence threatened on them and their families should they reveal any information to these officers.

And it doesn’t help that illegal aliens often contribute to the disgusting crimes perpetrated by certain gangs. Another huge reason to get rid of them.

MS-13 (the Mara Salvatrucha gang) formed on the streets of Los Angeles in the 1980s, is one of those organizations that has police nervous, and for good reason.

In fact, Tucker Carlson says everyone should be MORE than just nervous…

Independent Journal Review:

“[Tucker] Carlson said Thursday that while ISIS and its followers are responsible for dozens of deaths in the U.S. over the last several years, it’s ‘nothing’ compared to the atrocities MS-13 has committed.

‘[MS-13] a mostly immigrant street gang, is a far greater threat to your life than ISIS is – it’s the numbers.’

Carlson said while the MS-13 body count may be less than that of ISIS, MS-13’s brutality lies in other factors:


‘But killing is not the end of the problem with MS-13.

Its members have been caught running child prostitution rings, they’ve been contacted by Mexican drug cartels and paid to run torture operations, and, of course, they engage in the usual extortion, drug trafficking and human smuggling.

‘MS-13…has at least 6,000 members – according to the government – in this country. And they’re supported by more than 30,000 abroad.'”

Donald Trump said that he would make the drug cartels and gangs one of his top priorities. He signed an executive order in February targeting these cartels and gangs such as MS-13.

He also signed an order that should hasten the deportation of illegal immigrants in general, which will also help.

Now, it’s up to the States and their police officers to follow through with the law on their sides and Trump as their supporter. Because we just can’t have these animals wandering around our streets.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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