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PROOF – Voter Fraud Erupts Over America, Hillary Can’t BELIEVE The Results!

“Not my president! Not legitimate!”

The leftists have been screaming this mantra since the election. They can’t seem to stop.

Just remember that time for Democrats is irrelevant. What matters is how long they can continue to beat the dead horse whose corpse has been rotting on the side of the road for a few months.

And you can’t hit them with facts to the contrary. You can’t tell them the White House has “enormous evidence” to support President Trump’s claim of voter fraud on the OTHER side.

No, all you hear are liberals repeating the same thing: Hillary Clinton should’ve won the election because she won the popular vote by 3 million votes.

Forget that Democrats have been benefitting from a hugely flawed voting system for years (hello, Barack). Let’s just try to slam Trump and focus on that popular vote issue…well, okay.


Lou Dobbs/Fox News Via YouTube:

“A shocking report now concerning voter fraud and it’s getting quite a bit of attention, because it found that Hillary Clinton may have received more than 800,000 votes from illegal immigrants.

The study authored by political scientist, Jessie Richmond of Haldeman University. The report estimates that 6.4% of an estimated 20 million adult illegal immigrants may have voted in the election, Clinton collecting 81% of the vote.

This study that was, of course, bolstering exactly the president of the United States who said he wanted a full investigation of electoral integrity of this country.”

Furthermore, the study recorded 18 million invalid voters and even 2 million from people who were supposedly DEAD.

Oh no. No voter fraud here. Remember Obama’s cronies rigging elections for the sake of Democrat domination? That never happened, either, did it?

Ed Rollins, the guest of Lou Dobbs, put it best:

The rule of law is being returned to Immigration Law in the United States and that is welcomed news. Unprecedented. No president has done this much or had this much impact so quickly. And I think he’ll continue to do so.

As well, Lou Dobbs insisted that the Democrats are in deep you know what for 2018 when 10 Senate seats are up for grabs.

To the Democrats:

Do you still believe that protecting those who break federal immigration laws is worth your Senate seats and the 2020 presidential election?

Source: Fox News/Lou Dobbs & YouTube

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