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Shock Report: Massive Voter Fraud Discovered…Look Who Earned A Ton Of FAKE Votes!

As we all know, the left has been busying itself whining and crying about a supposed Russian hack of the elections that left Donald Trump in the lead, and unfairly pushed Hillary Clinton to the loser’s camp.

And the left’s also been busy trying to make a three-state recount push electors to pick Clinton – despite the fact the recount failed and despite the fact that the recount, before it came to a grinding failing halt, found hundreds of ballots in Trump’s favor, not Clinton’s.

But now, there’s some intriguing findings in Detroit, a city in one of the states the Democrats wanted recounted.

Get this, from the local newspaper.

“Voting machines in 37 percent of Detroit precincts recorded more votes than mathematically possible during November’s election, according to records obtained by The Detroit News,” Breitbart reported (via MRCTV).

Come again? Yes indeed, that’s Detroit – with a capital D, for Democrat Land.


“Reports obtained by the newspaper from Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett found that in 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, more votes had been counted than the number of people who had been marked as having voted, which might serve as evidence of voter fraud across the city,” Breitbart reported.

Michigan’s Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced the kick-off of a full investigation.

Detroit, remember, was one of Hillary Clinton’s hotspots of support.

“We’re assuming there were [human] errors and we will have discussions with Detroit election officials and staff in addition to reviewing the ballots,” said Michigan’s Elections director Chris Thomas.

Hmm, Jill Stein, where are you?

Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise for the Democrats that the state’s supreme court ruled against Stein’s recount in Michigan last week. Sounds like maybe there were some electioneering shenanigans in the heavily Democratic-dominated Detroit?

“There’s always going to be small [voting] problems, to some degree,” said Krisa Haroutunian, the chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, Breitbart reported. “[Bt] we didn’t expect the degree of problems we saw in Detroit. This isn’t normal.”

Source: Breitbart, MRCTV

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