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Waitress Insults An Entire Table Of Cops…Their PERFECT Reply BLOWS UP Facebook

A couple days ago, President Donald Trump lit the White House in blue to support police officers throughout America.

It was something former commander-in-chief Barack Obama flat-out refused to do (though he was happy to light the White House in pink to celebrate gay marriage).

Herein lies the difference between Trump and just about every liberal alive.

Again and again, the Left proves their disrespect and sometimes flat-out hatred of those who enforce our laws. There is no greater insult to those who risk their lives to protect YOU.

So, when a cop-hating waitress had the unmitigated gall to insult a tableful of police officers, she got exactly what was coming to her.

At this point, we assume radical liberals will guess at the result: “Oh, the police yelled at her, abused her, maybe even arrested her!” Because after all, cops are just animals, right?

In point of fact, they offered a perfectly dignified reply and after one of the officers posted in on Facebook, it went viral in about ten seconds.

Now, let’s not forget that the cops tossed a five-dollar tip on the table as well, which is honestly more than I would’ve done.

This really does put that waitress in her place, though of course liberals immediately found fault. One particularly obnoxious Facebook comment reads:

You make more than she does, a**wipe. And yet she still probably is less of a c*** than you.

Yeah, that’s a pretty standard reply from your typical clueless liberal.

In their world, anyone who has more money than anyone else should give it away. Socialism, communism, whatever failed mess of a system that turns all of humanity into worthless slugs…here it is.

This fact, on top of the obvious: If a police officer didn’t make more than a waitress, then something really IS critically wrong.

But hey, again, we’re talking about people who argue that a burger flipper should make as much as the CEO of that burger-flipping establishment.

Yeah. Business – or logic – isn’t their strong suit.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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