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Breaking: Washington Drops MEGATON Bombshell On Obama…Legacy Obliterated!

Get set for a cry-fest and massive diaper-changing session in Congress.

See, while President Donald Trump was enacting positive new bills and orders, like the one that slashed out-of-control government regulations, former president Barack Obama passed laws we can do without.

So now, House Republicans are moving quickly to undo many of the late-enacted signature bills, orders and laws that Obama had put into place just before ducking out the back door of the Oval Office for good.

It’s going to take some time, though; Obama went absolutely BONKERS with his “midnight regulations.”

Still, it must be done.

According to Politico, some of those bills being targeted are:

“The first two such resolutions cleared the House on Wednesday, largely along party line votes, and target the Interior Department’s stream rule, which aimed to protect waterways from pollution from mountaintop coal mining but was fiercely opposed by the industry and GOP. The second kills a Securities and Exchange Commission rule requiring oil, gas and mining companies to reveal payments made to foreign governments.

‘These measures will deliver relief from regulations that threaten to wipe off thousands of jobs in the energy industry,’ House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday.”

Democrats are, of course, throwing Liberal hissy-fits:

“The Republican moves were blasted by Democrats like Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.), vice chair of the House Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition, who complained the Republicans relied on a ‘blunt and obscure legislative ploy.’

Oh, you mean like when Harry Reid employed the “nuclear option” to force through Obamacare, Mike? Is…is that what you mean?

“Isabel Munilla of Oxfam America said the House ‘voted for corruption today’ in nullifying the bipartisan SEC rule, which was designed to create transparency around the payments that companies made to governments for resource concessions.”

Corruption? You mean like when Fast & Furious happened under Eric Holder’s DOJ, or when Obama authorized an illegal ransom payment to Iran? Like that corruption, Isabel?

“And Wednesday’s vote was blasted by former Republican Sen. Richard Lugar, who helped write the SEC provision with Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin.

‘It would be a real tragedy for democracy and human rights,’ said Lugar, the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who now leads a center in his name focusing on global issues. ‘It’s hard to believe this would be such a high priority right now.’”

Yes, yes, quite, Richard. Can’t imagine why we’d want to focus on job creation right now…what with the amazingly bustling economy at the moment!

It is about darn time that Republican lawmakers are finally exercising their Constitutional right to vote on behalf of their constituents!

Ryan may not like the fact that Trump is driving the agenda…but Lord, is it good to finally see the Republicans not eating each other alive and actually working TOGETHER for a change.

And really, we all knew that when Obama went ballistic in the final month, he really WAS targeting Trump. That’s obvious now.

For all you Dems: The diapers, baby powder and binkies are on the way! Quit your bawling!

Source: Politico

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