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BETRAYAL: Washington Drops Explosive H-Bomb On Hillary…She Is Now America’s ENEMY!

Here’s a story the “fake news” media won’t go near with a ten foot pole.

Hillary Clinton, whose big claim to fame in recent months is not just as the loser of the presidential election, but also as a former secretary of State who compromised national security through her private email account, has a new reputation that’s gathering steam.

What is it?

It comes from a Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch, which then poured through documents and found some writings that showed the U.S. Army used a PowerPoint presentation to train Defense officials how to stop operational security threats.

And you will not BELIEVE who was listed in those documents.


Suspicions surrounding the Clinton family have been ripe for years and now, apparently there’s a reason why Hillary is being called a “security risk” by our government.

Via Independent Journal Review:

“In a segment of the presentation featuring threats, Clinton was listed alongside General David Petraeus, who allowed his biographer and lover to see his classified calendar; thieves and spies, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning; and Fort Hood terrorist, Dr. Nidal Hasan.

The rogues gallery represented ‘insider’ threats to operational security. Clinton and Petraeus appear to be considered ‘careless’ with secret documents, as opposed to ‘disgruntled employees’ such as Snowden and Manning,” IJR reported.

This is a bit startling, yes?

After all, it took months for the news to unfold that Clinton actually broke the law by having a private email server set up in her New York home for State Department business.

And it took months more for the FBI to find, conclude and announce that some of the messages sent through Clinton’s home server were sensitive in nature, and that her use of the system was a serious breach of protocol and national security.

But way before that was going on, way before all the FBI investigations and public relations battles were causing rampant confusion, the fact was: the U.S. Army already considered Clinton a big threat.

And we almost elected her President. Well, no, not “almost,” but it’s still a terrifying thought, isn’t it?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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