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BUSTED: Washington Drops MAMMOTH A-Bomb On Illegal Aliens…It’s Crackdown Time!

Here’s a statistic that’s sure to arouse shrieks from the left.

Oh yeah, I know, they’ve got LOTS to scream about, which is why they keep launching pathetically desperate attacks against our new leader.

And they’re still out there, shrieking away.

If it’s not Obamacare, it’s the borders. If it’s not President Donald Trump winning the White House, it’s Kellyanne Conway mentioning Ivanka Trump’s clothing collection in a television interview.

People like Senator Ted Cruz can REALLY send them flying into fits of rage; that guy really knows how to rattle the liberal cage, doesn’t he? We always applaud such a fine ability in a Republican. đŸ˜‰

Anyway, there’s always something to moan about – that is indeed an apt description of the Democratic Party these days.

And now they can freak out about this: Federal agents just nabbed several hundred illegals in a massive 11-state sweep.

Now that’s a Democratic howler, right?

“The liberal New York Times is reporting that the the Trump Administration’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has made more than 600 arrests in the past 7 days. These illegal aliens need to be put behind bars or sent home,” The Political Insider reported. ‘Clearly, President Trump means business when it comes to ‘making America safe again.'”


And hopefully, the message will start spread to other nations; you know, the nations that supply America with so many illegals in the first place?

Think of it. If nations in South America, or if Mexico, start getting the word of America’s new ‘tude toward illegals – and that attitude being a more “stay home” approach to dealing – then maybe many will switch up plans and decide to stay home.

It’d be a money-saver, for sure.

Fewer illegals crossing the border, fewer manpower hours needed on the border to send ’em back, fewer immigration agents conducting illegal immigration sweeps throughout the nation would be needed.

And that means less tax dollars needed for fighting and controlling illegal immigration. It also means seeing fewer horrifying and embarrassing stories like this one.

A wall’s good…we definitely need a wall.

But what’s free and just as helpful in keeping illegals out is a bold message that says, bluntly: We’re no longer afraid to seek you out and send you home.

Source: The Political Insider

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