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Breaking: Washington Exposes FILTHY Immigration LIES…Democrats Are Humiliated!

If you want the truth, never trust mainstream sources.

We’ve called out their blatant hypocrisy, embarrassing double standards, and terrifying agenda more than once, and President Donald Trump has rightfully done the same thing.

When CNN and the Associated Press are being caught spreading liberal propaganda instead of news, week after week, it’s time for the thinking American to shift gears.

And when we do, we find certain shocking truths, like the fact that the Clinton Foundation has deep ties to Russia, something Hillary and Co. hoped we’d NEVER discover.

Want more truth?

Well, there has been a lot of talk going around about President Donald Trump’s “illegal immigration sweeps,” and whether the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers were “randomly picking people off the streets.”

Yes, mainstream sources have reported this as fact. But as ICE officials inform us (via Western Journalism), it’s all once again a gigantic – not to mention dangerous – lie.

The Washington Post reported last week that ICE has been sweeping across neighborhoods, plucking up illegals and arresting them, to the tune of 683 in just a few days’ time. Democrats, of course, are advancing that notion as well.

ICE sent out several tweets, posted above, saying the terminology being tossed around is inflammatory and panic-inducing, and puts law enforcement in danger.

On top of that, ICE pointed out how in April 2012, under Obama’s orders, ICE arrested more than 3,100 convicted criminal aliens and immigrants – and the media pretty much yawned.

Where were THOSE reports, Washington Post?

So once again what we have here is a failure to communicate the truth.

Yes, we need to reduce the number of illegal and legal migrants because at this point, it is entirely out of control. But the idea that ICE Gestapo are swarming the streets snagging anyone they think is Muslim, or some such crap, is just asinine.

Even more asinine, let’s not forget that what’s being done under Trump is no different than what was already done under Obama.

The only difference is Trump’s a Republican, Obama’s a Democrat and the media lapdogs for liberals.

The aforementioned mainstream media agenda is right here, in all its disgusting glory.

Source: Western Journalism

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