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Washington Tells IRS Director To GET OUT, And His Response Is One Giant Middle Finger

Under Obama, there were 165K reasons to distrust the Internal Revenue Service.

That was the number of agents working full-time at the government tax agency when our former president was inaugurated.

That number quickly escalated soon after ObamaCare was instituted, as the IRS would be handling all pursuits of penalties in regards to the uninsured. The result? Taxpayers got screwed twice over.

So, it’s no surprise that much of America wanted IRS commissioner John Koskinen gone. It wasn’t possible under Obama but with President Donald Trump, it wasn’t only possible, it was probable.

A short time ago, fifteen Senators wrote to President Trump, demanding he replace the current IRS Director in for a less partisan leader. Yes, Congress wants him gone and our new president is likely to agree.

There’s just one problem: He won’t leave.

Washington Free Beacon:

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says he will finish his term through November despite congressional calls for him to step down immediately.

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R., Texas) and 14 committee members sent a letter to President Donald Trump on April 5 asking him to replace Koskinen as soon as possible.

Trust in the IRS is hitting rock-bottom under IRS Commissioner John Koskinen,’ the members wrote. ‘Not only was key evidence relevant to this Committee’s investigation destroyed under his watch, but he also misled Congress in the process, intentionally degraded customer service at the agency, and has since lost the trust of the American people.’

We believe that trust cannot be fully restored under Commissioner Koskinen’s leadership,’ they said. ‘For this reason, we are writing to request the removal of John Koskinen as commissioner of the IRS and to request that a new leader be put in place as soon as possible.’

The IRS began targeting conservative and Tea Party groups in 2010, delaying their applications for tax-exempt status before the 2012 presidential election.”

Koskinen is Obama’s replacement for Lois Lerner and it appears that, short of bodily removing the man from Washington, D. C., he is not going anywhere.

These deeply entrenched Obama guys are causing real problems for Trump’s administration; this is why “Drain The Swamp!” has become a fitting rallying cry.

Suffice it to say that this man has just as many scandals as Hillary Clinton. And really, he’s already in charge of an organization the American people wholly distrust.

Can’t we FORCE him out somehow?

Source: Washington Free Beacon

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