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Leaked – Washington Wasted Taxpayer Millions On ‘Pretty’ Afghan Soldier Uniforms

Figuring out how much money our federal government wastes each year is an impossible task.

But we know it wastes hundreds of billions of dollars. That’s just par for the course.

Then there is another problem that’s probably even worse:

How do you determine if an expense went for something useful or was a waste of money? Not easily done.

Add to that deliberate fraud which will hide government funds that go for nefarious purposes, and measuring government waste and misappropriated funds is basically impossible.

Nevertheless, examples of waste turn up so often that the total sum would shock even the most confirmed cynic.

To give you an example of stupidly wasted funds, we find that $28 million was wasted on uniforms for Afghan soldiers.

Via MSN:

The Pentagon wasted as much as $28 million over the last decade on camouflage uniforms for Afghan soldiers despite the fact forests make up only a small fraction of the country’s landscape, according to a report released Wednesday by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

The findings comes a decade after the Department of Defense moved to procure new uniforms for Afghanistan’s National Army as part of U.S. efforts to bolster the country’s capacity to provide its own security.”

Wait. We’re supposedly helping these people secure their nation and eventually take over their own security needs, and they can’t even buy their own uniforms?

The uniforms, which cost approximately $93 million, were made using a ‘forest’ pattern from a company called HyperStealth—one which the report says was chosen over other free camouflage patterns owned by the U.S. government after Afghanistan’s defense minister at the time, Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak, ‘liked what he saw’ on the company’s website.

John Sopko, the special inspector general for Afghanistan Reconstruction, called the move ‘insane.’

‘This is just simply stupid on its face,’ Sopko toldUSA Today.

We wasted $28 million of taxpayers’ money in the name of fashion, because the defense minister thought that that pattern was pretty.

So if he thought pink or chartreuse was it, would we have done that?”

Yes, this IS “insane,” and it’s milking our nation of funds that should either be left with the taxpayers, or redirected to something that actually produces tangible results for Americans.

Given the enormity of the US government and the virtually incalculable number of agencies, departments, and projects that are funded, do not expect this problem to be reduced any time soon.

Well, at least President Trump is very interested in saving taxpayer money so perhaps we’re already making progress.

Source: MSN

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