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Washington Takes Aim At Obama’s Legacy, Fires Off MASSIVE Barrage…Barack Is LIVID!

The efforts of the Trump administration to wipe out the pathetic legacy of Mr. Obama are turning into a juggernaut.

We may not be asking, “Barack Who?” just yet, but we are moving toward a destination where when one looks around, there will be nothing left of the Obama administration to see.

And really, the fewer stories we hear about Obama actually protecting sworn enemies of this country, the better.

Of course, that would be a great thing for America, as you really cannot point to anything the Obama administration accomplished that benefited the nation.

Wiping out some of the damaging programs and policies Mr. Obama initiated will require the cooperation of Congress. But there are many others that can be eliminated by the executive branch of our government on its own.

And that is just what leaders within the Trump administration are doing. Trump has already eradicated many Obama-era rules, including one that negatively impacted our senior citizens.

No doubt President Trump made clear his objectives to those department heads who he appointed to be part of his administration. And they are already taking a BIG bite out of Obama’s so-called legacy.

From Fox News:

“On his first day of work, for which he arrived Teddy Roosevelt-style on horseback, [Interior Secretary] Zinke ended a ban on lead bullets and fishing tackle on federal lands and water. The ban was imposed to protect animals from lead poisoning, but had been criticized by the National Rifle Association as an attack on gun owners.”

That may seem like a small matter, but it was the cumulative effect of many such “small matters” that made the Obama administration such a nightmare for freedom-loving Americans.

Here is another example that will impact all of us eventually:

“Meanwhile, the EPA reportedly is set to reverse an Obama-era decision to lock in strict gas mileage requirements for cars and light trucks through 2025.


These are not isolated, haphazard acts. Instead they are, “what White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, at CPAC, dubbed the ‘deconstruction of the administrative state.'” Just pull the miserable thing out by the roots and free Americans and American businesses.

We can see other examples:

“The Washington Examiner reported Monday that Trump also is planning on signing an executive order rolling back Obama’s Clean Power Plan – which requires states to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a third – as well as the Interior Department’s moratorium on coal leases.”

“In another example of agencies taking the lead, Health Secretary Tom Price says his department will go through existing health care regulations and try to ‘get rid’ of those they determine hurt patients, as Republicans push an ObamaCare replacement bill.”

The left must be miserable.

They have to sit there and watch as their precious administrative state is demolished. And they REALLY whine when Trump goes after bloated, regulation-heavy organizations like the EPA.

And what acts might require Congressional approval, Democrats are largely powerless to stop. It’s a great time to be a conservative!

Source: Fox News

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