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Breaking: Washington Just Destroyed One Of Obama’s FILTHIEST Rules…Barack Is FUMING!

While blacklisting has been going on for a very long time in politics, it’s one of those subjects that’s rather hazy at best.

There isn’t much a person can do once they’ve been blacklisted by the United States government. The government has the ability to literally shut down every single avenue of opportunity and can do so with the concerted effort of many different departments and organizations.

On a whim, the government could make someone’s reputation disappear overnight if it so wished.

Case in point: The Obama administration, in an effort to guarantee that private contractors would never be allowed to gain a government contract over a union-based contractor, ensured that the path to approval by a private contractor was virtually impossible to traverse.

One of the most powerful weapons in a private contractor’s arsenal was its ability to underbid a Labor Union contractor.

In order to remove that weapon, the Obama administration merely required that private contractors passed a small test. “Have you ever been charged or accused of violation of federal labor laws?”

Proving this was hard enough to do, but when a Labor Union wanted to bid on a contract, it was not put to the same test. Therefore, it was almost a done deal that the Labor Union would prevail. In essence, a blacklist.

Well, no more. President Trump’s administration is making a habit of dismantling Barack Obama’s mess, and this is another victory.

Western Journalism:

“That rule is scheduled to be done away with Monday through the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to dismantle regulations.

‘Because of the substance of this rule, it has become known as the blacklisting rule,’ said Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc. ‘Had it been up to me, I would have called it the blackmailing rule.’

‘This regulation would be used as a form of federally sanctioned blackmail,’ Johnson stated.

It has ‘the very real potential of subjecting perfectly innocent contractors to blackmail and extortion tactics during union contract negotiations,’ he added.

Texas District Court Judge Marcia Crone was of a similar mind last November, when she ruled the regulation was a federal overreach.

The rule would treat ‘mere allegations of misconduct as violations of federal law, threatening to deprive contractors of their due process rights,’ she wrote, putting implementation of the rule on hold.”

This is the type of thing we expect in a third-world country with a despot holding on to power through a series of fixed election cycles. It is certainly not something you’d expect from the United States government.

Unfortunately, the new Democrat Party doesn’t see the U.S. Government as an entity governed by the People. It sees the People as an entity governed by the Democrats.

That idea might be changing rapidly, though, as Trump really IS erasing a lot of what Obama did. Isn’t it great that we can now properly name our enemies?

And isn’t it even better that Obama is being EXPOSED as the despot he absolutely was…?

Source: Western Journalism

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