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Breaking: Washington Orders A BEHEMOTH Strike Against Obama…More Fraud Exposed!

Type “Obamaphone woman” into a Google search, and you’ll see one of the most widely watched YouTube videos in America.

No, this isn’t about illegal Muslim immigrants stealing American money, though that is an abhorrent issue that must be addressed ASAP.

The woman, who was later identified as Michelle Dowery, was one of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters and was captured on tape in 2012 talking about the beauty of the Obamaphone.

…prepare yourself because it’s a despicable video. Here, we’ll post it for you:

And due in large part to that vid, a lot of Americans took a second look at the whole Obamaphone program, which actually started years before Obama took the high office as Lifeline, a means of helping poverty-level people, particularly elderly, obtain phones for emergency purposes.

But under Obama it morphed into this whole new level of costly, at least as far as the taxpayers were concerned.

Taxpayers are starting to figure out just how much of THEIR money Obama handed out to leeches and losers.

That could soon change, however. That’s because FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has dropped the HAMMER on another welfare program:

“A Republican FCC hopes to revamp the infamous ‘Obamaphone’ program to provide low-income Americans phone and Internet service,” Breitbart reported. “…Pai already put the program, known as Lifeline, under review. He revoked nine providers from participating the program, saying that they need further review.

The new Trump administration is giving the program a second look, and Pai has joined with GOPers in Congress to ask the appropriations for Lifeline be capped at $1.5 billion.

That’s still a lot of money, right?

But at least the move to cap the program’s budget sets some limits, and from there, maybe it could be scaled even more.

After all, read the Constitution, a document that’s not nearly as long or unintelligible as congressional members and attorneys would have believed, and nowhere does it speak about the authority of lawmakers to give out free phones.

Let’s not forget that “Pai has been a vocal critic of the Lifeline program, even accusing other FCC Commissioners of trying to keep a $51 million fraud investigation quiet.” So maybe we need to check into that as well.

But for now…baby steps, baby steps.

Starting with a budget for Lifeline is step one. Checking for waste and fraud within the program is step two (food stamp fraud is out of control as well).

And holding those accountable found guilty of waste and fraud, by booting them from the program and then making them pay back the costs of their Lifeline service, is step three.

And step four?

That’s when Trump’s rollback of regulations results in a jumpstart to the economy, so much so that Americans won’t even need such phone handouts from the government. They’ll be employed and able to pay for the phones themselves.

Source: Breitbart, Axios

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