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WATCH – Muslim RAPE MANIACS Confronted On The Street…What Happens Next Is NUTS!

The rape game of Islamic radicals called Taharrush has escalated in recent years.

When Muslims in Germany mass gang-raped women all over the country on New Year’s Eve, the uproar could be heard around the world.

In fact, this sickness affects all females, including innocent 14-year-olds and other very young children. Yeah, Islam really is that disgusting.

The worst part is that these animals never show remorse or guilt for their horrific crimes. They just wander out of the courthouse and smile and go about their business.

…but not this time.

A recent perverse and disgusting rape ring was uncovered and broken by police in Oxford, England.

The victims of this gang were being held, groomed, and raped repeatedly as part of a religious sex ritual that involves actually branding the young girls with an “M” to show them as property of their prophet, Muhammad.

MAD World News:

“Although they thought they had a good thing going and would get away with their vile acts, members of the Islamist rape gang were eventually caught.

In fact, police were able to arrest and charge another 8 Muslims found to be in connection with the rape gang bringing the total number involved to a whopping 17. Now, their trial is finally underway.

Unfortunately for them, they recently walked outside of the courthouse after being released on bond and were more than likely wishing they had just stayed in jail.

As it turns out, the Muslims would be left horrified to see who was waiting outside to confront them.

As Tommy Robinson, a professional agitator, moved about this group of criminals, he began asking question about their crimes. 

As you can see from the video, these deceitful scum didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were guilty.


Before long, the Islamic punks tried to show their emotional and intellectual immaturity by provoking a physical confrontation, but police quickly shut down every attempt.”

When I think about all these poor young women and girls, my first thought is:  WHERE THE HELL IS THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN ON THIS!?

Muslim leaders have publicly said Islam isn’t a religion of peace, and it’s well known it massively oppresses female. So what’s the deal? Where’s NOW?

The answer is simple:  Leftists never have to play by their own rules.

Source:  MAD World News

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