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WATCH What Happens When This Sharia Law Lover Says Chopping Off Hands Is OKAY

Religious freedom is a primary tenet of America.

However, when the religion in question advocates atrocities, and when we start seeing an agenda to push that religion in our schools, we have to react.

On top of which, when individuals faithful to that religion make colossal mistakes in public speeches, one has to wonder:

How are liberals missing these obvious warning signs?

How can good-hearted human beings stand by as criminals make demands based on religious freedom or cultural differences? At what point do we draw the line?

Well, perhaps we’re starting to see that Islam is, as many have said time and time again, NOT a religion of peace. At the bare minimum, they’re okay with shocking acts of brutality that include “honor killings.”

Take note, America: Listen to what this Muslim says during a speech at an Islamophobia event…and listen to the crowd’s immediate reaction.

Yes, he said it. And you will notice how quickly his colleagues tried to stop the bleeding once the truth was out. They backpedaled as quickly as they could, but no amount of damage control was going to save them.

Those in attendance knew exactly what they heard. The man was very clear: Chopping off the hands of someone who steals a pizza is a perfectly agreeable punishment.

In fact, to them, it’s preferable in the long run.

Such arguments hold zero water, of course, unless you believe in the most extreme sort of oppression via religious law. And apparently, Sharia Law really IS this bad.

And this is precisely why the U.S. courts continue to battle Sharia Law: The level of barbarism is quite simply unacceptable, no matter who you are.

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