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Welfare Leech Steals $250K From Taxpayers, Thinks She’ll Get Off Easy…Then The Judge Drops 3 BRUTAL Words

Criminals can build some very impressive organizations. The drug cartels come to mind.

Not only does the product have to be manufactured, but there needs to be a distribution network as well promotion.

When you think about it, it’s more complicated than a legit business since distribution and marketing have be done in stealth to avoid law enforcement.

Individual criminals face similar challenges. This may be as simple as the handyman who operates as “cash only” to avoid paying taxes to the thief who no doubt compounds the crime by not paying taxes either.

Then there are those who, instead of evading taxes, steal government benefits, which is the same as stealing from the American people.  This would include welfare fraud.

And the number of despicable welfare scandals that have erupted after Barack Obama left office is jaw-dropping. He really WAS the champion of “get something for nothing,” wasn’t he?

It’s always sad when children have to go to bed hungry, but we’re not talking about that tragedy.

We’re talking about thieves who willingly rip off the American public because they’re too lazy to earn an honest buck. They sit on their asses, lie to the government, and collect OUR money.

Now, another welfare queen just got caught, and her sentence is heftier than she ever dreamed. From Mad World News:

“Keashia Latriese Davis used physical addresses from the real estate site Zillow to apply for food stamp cards (SNAP cards) online. Once approved, those cards were mailed to her home in Little Rock, Arkansas.”

Having established multiple identities, Davis went on to collect an astonishing amount of money.

“The mother of four confessed to using the SNAP benefits to purchase food and also sold the illegally obtained cards to get cash.

With that money, she paid her monthly rent, utilities, and car payment. Her scheme was obviously illegal, and it hauled in more than $260,000 in just 14 months, between April of 2015 and May of 2016, all stolen from hard-working taxpayers.


The crime was bad enough. Taxpayers’ money was stolen, and people who qualified for benefits didn’t get them. But the clincher was when she figured a guilty plea would let her get off easily.

That was not to be.

When asked how she wished to plea to the charges, Davis replied, ‘Yes sir, I’m guilty,’ hoping that the guilty plea would help her case by saving the State money in court and investigation costs.

However, things didn’t go according to plan when U.S. District Judge D. Price Marshall Jr. told her, ‘There’s a long ways between zero and 20 years. It’s my decision.’ She will find out exactly what that decision is in September.”

Thus we have an example of our criminal justice system operating correctly. It is unlikely that Ms. Davis is going to need SNAP cards for quite a few years.

This is why we applaud President Trump’s ceaseless efforts to fix this broken system and cast out the leeches. We are TIRED of them sucking us dry, aren’t we?

Source: Mad World News

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