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Hey Welfare Leeches: If You’re Illegal Or A Criminal, Our President Has BAD NEWS For You

President Trump has landed yet another blow, and the leeches HATE it!

The entitled snowflakes and Uber-Liberals are wishing they had never abandoned Wisconsin and Michigan during the campaigns, that’s for sure.

Along with the largest expansion of government this country had ever seen, Obama also accrued immense debt, which surpassed all the debt of previous presidents combined.

Now, Trump is busy eradicating the unwarranted privileges for the lazy (and often illegal), while liberals run around claiming Republicans are only interested in serving the wealthy.

No, he’s stopping the country from going bankrupt.

Trump is in fact catering to ALL Americans because he is following up on his promise to decrease the debt and bring back prosperity.

One of the ways he’s doing this is by cutting back on waste in social entitlement programs.

Yes I’m Right:

“The onslaught of welfare reform news over the last several weeks has been a huge wake-up call to those enjoying the free ride on the coattails of hardworking Americans.

Overseeing the food benefit program (SNAP) is The U.S. Department of Agriculture, who reportedly has almost 43.6 million people getting food stamps as of April 2016.

On that massive meal ticket are a particularly grotesque bunch of criminals who have been convicted of sickening sex crimes and murder. These violent perverts are among those getting the boot.

Proposed enforcement of these rules comes in addition to forcing each state to use a system that verifies immigration status and income of all food stamp applicants.

This combined crackdown could save taxpayers a massive sum of money that could be put to far better use.”

It’s difficult to imagine the BILLIONS of dollars that are being flushed down the toilet every day by this government. It actually makes one physically ill.

But it’s good to know there’s at least one large pitbull in the Oval Office who is willing to fix it.

Source:  Yes I’m Right

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