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Shock Report: Colossal Welfare Scandal Erupts…MILLIONS Lost, Taxpayers Are Furious!

This is just beyond embarrassing.

The idea behind social welfare programs is basic assistance and supposed incentive to get them back on their feet (when in truth, we all know that most social programs serve the exact opposite purpose). However, nothing works if you can’t even run the system correctly.

And we’re not talking about a minor snafu in the billing department, or a few people who accidentally received a few too many food stamps. No, we’re talking about something absolutely massive, a taxpayer catastrophe that soon-to-be-former President Obama should take full responsibility for.

But let’s start by saying this: Obama and the Democrats must be big fans of “The Walking Dead.”

Just forget the fact that the Democrat Dead are voting in increasing numbers every year (Hillary: “Thanks, Bob Creamer!”). Now we even have the Democrat Dead receiving BILLIONS in food stamps!

Hallelujah, Barack Obama! Thank you for your service to the cause! And while you’re reading the story below, don’t forget about the staggering number revealed a couple years back, as reported in this video:

Right Wing News:

“Wow… this one just boggles the mind. It looks like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), more commonly known as food stamps, has issued billions of dollars in benefits to retailers listing the dead as owners. Many more are listing children under the age of 18 as owners. You just know there is massive fraud here. How is it even possible that dead retailers are taking in food stamps? Doesn’t anyone in the government verify anything anymore? 3,394 of the retailers reviewed by the USDA were people listed as deceased when verified with Social Security Numbers. 193 retailers matched up with the SSNs of children.

If a number of these retail outlets are indeed owned by the dead or underaged, then the government will be forced to disqualify them to receive food stamps. That’s just common sense. What isn’t logical is why the owners were not checked out and verified in the first place. An average of 46 million Americans receive food stamps every month through the food stamp program, which costs $70 billion per year. You would think that those employed by SNAP would be tasked with ensuring that retailers are actually qualified for the program.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Obama Administration could blend the DACA program with the SNAP program and make all these under-aged Dreamers brand new business owners!?

Well, maybe not with only five days to go, but…if he did do it for his Legacy’s sake, he would have to ensure that these Dreamers understood that, although they owned the business, they didn’t “build that”.

“The government says it is now reviewing the 1,819 owners using the SSNs of dead people. So far, the department has reviewed 147 owners and removed 122, or 83 percent, from the program. Of the remaining stores, seven are no longer authorized to redeem food stamps for other violations. Eighteen cases were found to be valid; in some of these cases, the business owner had died, but the business was still operated by the deceased owners’ spouse. As for the remainder, there is far too much potential for fraud here. Americans pay for food stamp benefits for those who truly need them… we deserve better stewardship of our money than this.”

I wonder if you can buy “BRAINS” with your SNAP card…

Uh…probably not.

Source: Right Wing News

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