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Breaking: Welfare Scandal Explodes Over The Nation…Billions Of YOUR Money Is Gone!

Social security is a busted system.

With the greatest respect to all our elderly readers, we have to acknowledge the huge flaws in this welfare program (which is precisely what it is).

And remember, there are many people who need that money and deserve it; unfortunately, the federal government just lost billions of American taxpayer money because…

Well, because as we said, the social security system is broken. Let’s not forget that illegal aliens are helping to ruin the system even further, as are those who illegally steal the funds in question.

Now let’s get back to that part about the government losing billions:

“An audit found that the Social Security Administration paid out over $1 billion in benefits to people that don’t have social security numbers — or, people that should not be able to get benefits at all.

The government’s documentation of ‘representative payees,’ or people who receive benefits on behalf of someone else incapable of managing their affairs, was evidently massively flawed,” Right Wing News reported.

That’s called a Big Oops in Big Bureaucracy terms.

You know, if you or I did that in the private sector, at some company that was publicly traded on Wall Street, it’d be called fraud, or some other fancy-schmancy white collar crime name. And there’d be speedy justice, I can tell you that.

I can see Sen. Elizabeth Warren chomping at the bit now.


But since it’s the government, and your money, not Big Business? Well, now. That paints it in a different light.

Now, it’s called a Mistake. A Misappropriation, maybe. But certainly not Malfeasance. Guess that’s what Obama wanted to call it when he drained millions from American pockets during his rule.

And that, right there, is why government doesn’t belong in the savings and retirement market. Feds can’t do a good job of it.

And when they make mistakes, it’s the people – the taxpayers who were compelled to pay into the danged system in the first place – who face the consequences.

Source: Right Wing News

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