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Here’s What Happened When A School Said “No” To This Muslim Student

Not more than a week ago, Muslim employees of Amazon decided to draw up a list of demands regarding their prayer times.

They were requesting 5 breaks a day to pray during their shifts.

There was also the time that Muslims sued the Hertz rental company for similar grievances.

Muslims have been given a free pass when it comes to religious entitlement, not only in the U.S., but worldwide. And Muslim students have been making outrageous lists of demands for years.

They flash their Entitled Card of Islam and suddenly America hands them the larder.

Now, another incident of Muslim entitlement has crossed the news…but this time, we were able to stop the terror before it began.

University of Iowa student Soliman Obaid B. Altamimi started making demands months ago and, fearful of a Leftist backlash, the university opted to allow the Muslim student to rule the roost.

This was apparently not enough for the student, who then returned to make further demands.

MAD World News:

“When [Altamimi] informed his superiors at the University of Iowa that he was going to give a speech to his graduating class at ‘the final ceremony,’ he must’ve believed that his religious status gave him special privileges to do so. 


After the university staff reminded him that they don’t allow just anyone to get up on stage and present unreviewed speeches on the students’ most important day of the year, Altamimi’s religious supremacism reared its ugly face.

Furious at the notion that infidels would deny him the opportunity to speak, Altamimi explained that either they let him get on stage and address the crowd or he ‘will bring a gun’ and make them comply. 

USA Today reports that UI officials called the police on Altamimi for making threats of violence, prompting officers to arrest and charge him with make a threat of terrorism.”

Once again, it is proven that appeasement of the Muslims or Leftists is futile.  They don’t want solidarity, they want domination and will achieve this by any means.

Once we get it through out thick PC minds that they are not interested in assimilation, we may finally be able to just say “no” without guilt.

Sources:  MAD World News, USA Today

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