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Breaking: White House Drops GIGATON A-Bomb On America…Voter Fraud EXPOSED!

Oh, liberals are NOT going to like this.

When President Donald Trump called for a thorough investigation into voter fraud, Democrats and anybody on the left were understandably miffed.

After all, they still think Russia somehow magically allowed Trump to win. No, seriously…they think that.

And it doesn’t seem to matter that Hillary Clinton earned a boatload of fake votes herself during the November 2016 election. Those, evidently, aren’t a problem.

…anybody else seeing the double standard and hypocrisy here? The two things for which Democrats have become so well known?

Well, Trump has been pressing forward with that investigation into voter fraud, alleging scores of illegal immigrants  had a hand in the shenanigans. And nobody would be surprised if that was indeed the case.

So what’s the latest on the matter?

This, as Fox News notes:

The White House has provided enormous evidence with respect to voter fraud, with respect to people being registered in more than one state,” White House policy adviser Stephen Miller told ABC’s ‘This Week,’ amid calls for Trump to provide evidence for his claim.”

Fox News also noted that Trump hasn’t yet provided evidence of any widespread ballot box fraud that would have cost him that many millions of votes.

But as Miller said, the evidence could soon be coming.

In one recent behind-closed-door meeting between Trump and a handful of senators, the president actually spoke of an example of thousands of Massachusetts resident hitting the New Hampshire voter booths to “illegally” vote.

“Go to New Hampshire. Talk to anybody who has worked in politics there for a long time,” Miller said, Fox News reported. “Everybody is aware of the problem.”

Well then, it shouldn’t be hard to prove, right?

Look, it’s like this:

Democrats are pretty clear they don’t want any investigation into voter fraud at all.

And that, to many, is a red flag in itself, and proof positive why an investigation should go forward…particularly when we consider Democrats’ absolute love for all things amnesty and undying push for illegals to stay in this country, under sanctuary status.

Oh, and what about the massive voter fraud evidence against Barack Obama?

But as for the 2016 election, Trump’s White House needs to deliver the goods in terms of hard evidence.

The last thing this nation needs is the United Nations swooping down on U.S. election days to “oversee our” votes. And the longer Trump drags out the message, absent hard and cold facts and evidence, the more the far left globalists will be able to whisper into the ears of Democrats and undecideds:

You need us to help. And there’s a fox we don’t want to let in the gate.

Let’s just expose the voter fraud here and now, Mr. Trump!

Source: Fox News

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