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Bombshell: White House Fires Back, OBLITERATES Liberal Media…Americans Are Cheering!

The disgustingly liberal media deserves a VERY big wake-up call.

When Trump and his surrogates talk about the truth mattering, what they’re not saying is that LIES matter just as much!

DAY 1 – Zeke Miller of Time Magazine writes a series of tweets regarding the re-addition of Winston Churchill’s bust to the Oval Office and the removal of a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. Within the hour, Miller corrects his mistaken assumption by tweeting that the bust had been “obscured by an agent and door”.

DAY 2 – CNN reports that Trump’s Inauguration crowd size was small compared to past presidents and shows an aerial photo with lots of wide open space without people.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday to be confronted about the supposed lies that Donald Trump has told regarding Intel leaks to the press, as well as the crowd size of the Inauguration.

In a fiery back and forth between an obviously agitated and bordering on hostile Wallace and Priebus, the host demanded to know why press secretary Sean Spicer was focused on the crowd size issue instead of taking questions from the press.

Priebus, ever the gentleman, argued that Spicer wasn’t scheduled for his first official press conference until Monday where he would “take a million questions from reporters.”

But that wasn’t enough for Wallace as he railed not only on Spicer, but also on the fact that Trump tweeted out that there were crowds all the way to the Washington Monument.

WALLACE: Okay, you talk about honesty and you say this is about honesty. Well, there’s another issue here, though, Reince, and that is the president’s honesty. Because two things that he said yesterday were just flat wrong and I want to talk about them. First, crowd size. I’m gonna put up…take a look at these pictures…we got monitors here…
PRIEBUS: That there is…
WALLACE: Wait, wait, wait! Let’s take a look at those pictures. On the left, you got the Obama Inaugural crowd. On the right, you got the Trump Inaugural crowd. Which one is bigger?
PRIEBUS: Listen, you’re also not saying that that picture was taken before he was even speaking. I mean, you can…
WALLACE: I was there!
PRIEBUS: You can take a picture…
WALLACE: I was there in the mall!
PRIEBUS: I was there, too, Chris.
WALLACE: First of all, this is a ridiculous conversation.
WALLACE: But there were huge areas where…he said that there were crowds all the way to the Washington Monument.
PRIEBUS: There was.
WALLACE: No, there wasn’t!

This was the level of intellectual exchange that occurred in the first half of the interview, where Wallace continually called Trump’s assertions lies and acted as if he, himself, was being accused of being dishonest.

The targeted message for this interview, from the Administration’s point of view, was supposed to be that the media is continuously attempting to bully Trump and his supporters through loose and from-the-hip reporting and that the Administration was not about to let it go.

Remember when Kellyanne Conway RIPPED the media? That was utterly fantastic:

The media was able to obliterate the Bush Presidency through innuendo, fake news, fake polls, and a constant, unending drumbeat of the number of dead piling up in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Bush was responsible for September 11th. And CNN was right there at the forefront of everything, wasn’t it?

And this was completely enabled and allowed by the very victims of this concerted smear. Neither President Bush, nor his staff surrounding him, ever spoke up and denied any of the horrible stories being written about him. Trump will not travel that same path.

And that’s from where this venom is originating. A press that was the ‘lord of public opinion-shaping’ for half a century has been shoved aside by someone unwilling to accept business as usual.

When Zeke Miller entered the Oval Office and noticed that Churchill’s bust had been restored, that was not merely a casual observation.

This reporter from Time purposefully entered that place looking for the bust and also looking to make a story out of the absence of the MLK bust, whether or not the latter was actually missing! This was a premeditated storyline, make no mistake about that! That tweet was, in fact, meant to stir up a controversy over a very delicate subject that the Left just knew would get a reaction.

Had it been true, the MSM would have profited from the expected nightly riots that would have, no doubt, taken place in urban areas throughout the US. It was shameful and it was despicably dangerous to attempt to incite violence in order to further delegitimize a man fairly elected and to boost ratings for a corrupt, dishonest media.

And in case you didn’t get that, Mr. Wallace, lies matter just as much as the truth.

Source: Fox News

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