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Breaking: White House Security Drops MEGA Sledgehammer…Sends POWERFUL Message!

“What we have here, sir, is a failure to communicate!”

Less than a month after three brothers of questionable background were fired from their jobs as IT staffers for the House of Representatives, we have people on the Left yet again yapping about Trump’s lapses in judgment.

The brothers in question were caught not only stealing Congressional equipment, but were also caught attempting to gain access (or actually had gained access) to high-security Congressional files that dealt with both terrorism and national security and intelligence.

The brothers were living in the home of a woman (who also had worked in IT for various Democrats in the House) who would never have been able to pass a security clearance checklist.

Yet, here were four individuals caught committing felonies and were, instead of being arrested and charged or investigated, were simply let free. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with external damaging sources – ‘cough’ Hillary ‘cough’ but inside the White House…?


Well, it’s time for a CRACKDOWN and this latest news is encouraging:

Over the weekend, several White House staffers, who had filled out a special security clearance application, failed to pass the process requirements and were, therefore escorted off the grounds.

Right Wing News:

“The document numbered 127-pages, includes probing question that would make a nun sweat. These questions included the applicant’s credit score, medical records, employment history, family history, substance use and other personal subjects.

Unfortunately, one of those staffers that were dismissed was Caroline Wiles, director of scheduling and the daughter of President Trump’s Florida campaign manager.

Wiles, who decided to resign on Friday before the background check was complete, was appointed deputy assistant secretary before the inauguration in January. But now, some sources are claiming that she instead will be working over at the Treasury Department.”

Looking at and comparing just these two separate situations appears to be severely one-sided.

On the one hand, you’ve got a woman who resigned before the clearance application was ever approved or denied and given a low-security position in a completely different department of the government.

On the other, you have three brothers of Middle Eastern descent, who apparently never had a proper and thorough security clearance application check and who also committed felonies and were let off Scott-free.

Plus, we’ve got Obama’s cronies plotting to sabotage Trump’s administration at any cost.

I think, perhaps, if you’re going to cast stones, you’d better make sure that that the stones don’t have Obama’s name written all over them.

But at the very least, we know the security measures in Washington are tight and getting tighter, and everyone there will remain hyper-vigilant throughout Trump’s tenure. An absolute must.

Source: Right Wing News

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