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Just In: 3 Slimy White House TRAITORS Caught – Trump Will Lower The Boom In HOURS!

Organizations must maintain some degree of confidentiality in order to function.

When we’re talking about the all-important White House, this need is vital.

Add to this the fact that the White House also deals with classified information, and it’s clear that it cannot function unless the proper degree of confidentiality can be maintained.

President Trump has been plagued by leaks, and those leaks have become increasingly more dangerous (and more brazen).

Plus, with Democrats and their allies in the press looking for any reason to take him down, the problem has been magnified.

Now, however, the sources of some of those leaks have been discovered and are about to fired, and perhaps even more.

From Breitbart:

According to Trey Yingst, White House correspondent reporting for the One America News Network, three staffers have been identified and referred to the Office of Government Ethics for their role in leaking information from within the White House.

“Yingst claims his source informed him President Trump will fire ‘multiple people’ on his return to Washington from his landmark foreign tour through the Middle East.

It was implied criminal prosecution may also be on the table for those responsible.”

There are at least two possible levels of offenses here.

One would be breaking confidentiality and leaking the contents of private White House discussions and meetings to the public. This is not necessarily a criminal offense, but it is certainly worthy of dismissal.

The other level of offense is far more serious. This would be leaking classified information. In this case, it is a criminal offense, and should be prosecuted as such.

It all reminds us of when Obama and his cronies planted bogus evidence so Trump would continue to be attacked. ALL of this is blatant subterfuge.

Which leads to a very important question: Are the leakers in question more leftovers from the Obama administration?

Nobody around here would be surprised if this turned out to be true.

Source: Breitbart

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