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WHOA: Obama Nailed With Bombshell Accusation…Democrats Are In Turmoil!

Obama’s Legacy Revealed: A “dirty little secret” called his agenda was responsible for rendering the Democrat Party nearly powerless and meaningless!

Not an exaggeration. A fact. Pure and simple. The Democrats are really pissed about the whole Obama/UN scandal but that’s one of the final nails in the coffin; the liberals have been in decline for years, so says:

The Prognosticator of Politics, Rush Limbaugh, once again has hit the nail on the head with his latest in-depth analysis of the Left’s complete death spiral into oblivion (that nail being the last one in the DNC coffin, so to speak).

From The Conservative Tribune citing

“’I love this, folks. The long knives are coming out. Now, let me give you the dirty little secret. Everybody in the Democrat Party knows this. They would never say it while Obama is still in office, and many wouldn’t say it even after he left. But there isn’t a Democrat in politics alive who does not know what the Obama presidency has meant for the Democrat Party around the country.’

Rush proceeded to recount all of the lost governor’s mansions, mayor’s offices and legislative seats — state and federal — for Democrats: ‘They have lost 1,500 seats since elections 2010, ’12, ’14, and this one, it’s been devastating. And it’s all Obama.’”

All Obama, indeed. The very fact that Hillary campaigned on his agenda, noting that she would continue with his policies that were already in place, is indicative of why Clinton lost.

What is even more interesting is how Clinton must feel now, knowing that she was stepped on during the 2008 campaign by Obama and the Democrats, and now, having been “promised” the presidency by the DNC, was again (in a sense) stepped on by having stupidly run on his entire failed agenda! Will the unfairness for these Leftists never cease?

Getting back to Rush:

“This is all coming out now. And some people, you know, as the race for power in the Democrat Party intensifies, this is where the honesty begins to surface.

Obama destroyed this party, folks, literally has destroyed this party while elevating himself to whatever heights, if he’s really achieved them, I still don’t believe it, but I’ll go along with the flow for now,” he continued. “But the party has bitten the dust. It was happening right in front of our faces, and we didn’t have the confidence to believe it ’cause of the media.”

No one with half a brain will ever be convinced of this false narrative put out by both the current administration and their faithful and pliable slaves in the mainstream media that the Russians caused Hillary’s defeat. All the evidence points to wretched dissatisfaction with the direction of the country (more proof that they did not want to see a “third term of Obama” in Hillary’s presidency).

Liberals need to continue to seek therapy and, perhaps, take a long vacation in the spas and salons of Cuba, knock back a few screwdrivers, and take advice from Scarlett O’Hara:

“Tomorrow is another day.”

Source: Conservative Tribune (CT),

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