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That WICKED WITCH Terrorist Who Led The Women’s March? The U.S. Just Dropped A HOUSE ON HER HEAD

You may remember the infamous “Women’s March on Washington” after Inauguration Day, much plugged by the likes of Michael Moore on MSNBC and CNN.

You may also remember a very haughty and foul-mouthed Madonna fantasizing aloud to the adoring crowd of Leftists (because women who were not Leftists are not actual women…apparently) that she had wanted to “blow up the White House.”

Yes, those were the days…a month and a half ago.

Knowing all this, it isn’t surprising to discover that one of the two organizers of this tremendous “F-U” to America, the very same woman, in fact, who organized the “Day Without a Miserable Leftist Gender-Neutral Person” is actually…wait for it…

a Western-hating full-fledged terrorist, complete with her very own tattoo (I assume) of a Star of David within a circle and a diagonal bar through it.

Unbelievably, she did in fact commit the murders of at least two Jewish students by bombing a supermarket! We learned a little about this a few months back, but now we’re getting the full story.

And the end of this story has a happy result for REAL Americans: Deportation.

Independent Journal Review:

One of the ‘Women’s March on Washington’ and ‘Day Without a Woman organizers, is being kicked out of the United States.

Rasmea Yousef Odeh failed to disclose on her U.S. visa form 20 years ago that she was convicted of murdering two Israeli students in a supermarket bomb attack and for an attempted bombing of the British Consulate in 1969.

After a 10-year prison term, Odeh was freed in a prison swap with Palestinians.”

Apparently, a terror group named Black September petitioned for her release in exchange for Israeli prisoners.  Black September refers to the Arab terrorists who held the entire Israeli Olympics team hostage in 1972 and then systematically shot each of them execution style.

Very fine, upstanding people.  Perhaps Madonna can perform a personal gig for them in prison.

For the past 20 years, this terrorist murderer has lived in Chicago (big surprise there) and was tried and convicted of immigration fraud for hiding these crimes in her application in 2014.

She lost her appeal and must either leave the country or go to jail.

We knew liberals were insane enough to put this woman in charge, but we never really hoped the U.S. would step up and deport her…thank God, it’s happening. Because keeping her around is just plain dangerous.

In photos on Facebook, she can be seen with some of her female veil-wearing fans who have vowed, “You come for Rasmea, you come for all of us!”

Black Lives Matter has also weighed in on this case, calling it a massive injustice.  She is free to roam the streets of Chicago until her trial in April, after which time she’ll be deported officially.

I, for one, will be very surprised if she actually shows up for that case.  In the meantime, we should cross our fingers and hope that her murderous tendencies don’t return to haunt the very Sanctuary City that she has called “home” for the last 20 years.

And don’t be surprised if Barack, himself, or Rahm Emanuel intervene with some asinine eleventh hour injunction to stop the deportation of this very dangerous murderess.

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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