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KABOOM: WikiLeaks Drops Gargantuan Bombshell On Obama…Washington In An Uproar!

They’re panicking in Washington!

Why? Well, typically people panic when they’ve got something to hide and someone swears they’re gonna find it. Of course, if you had nothing to hide in the first place it’s a non-issue, but we all know that isn’t the case with the Obama administration, right?

Someone at the White House has been directed to destroy, shred and otherwise obliterate documents that point to Obama scandals and misdeeds…at least, that’s what WikiLeaks is hoping for, as they’ve posted a $20K reward for any truthful information leading to such contentions.

According to Fox News, Julian Assange has upped the ante in attempting to discover even more damaging information about the Obama Administration and its underhanded practices that have been on full display during his two terms as president.

“‘We are issuing a US$20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest or exposure of any Obama admin agent destroying significant records,’ the organization tweeted above an image of a ‘Wanted’ sign.

The appeal for any evidence mirrored a previous plea from the website in August for information leading to the “conviction” of whoever killed Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich in July. The website promised $20,000 for the information. Rich, the victim of an apparent robbery, is thought by some to have been a whistle-blower. WikiLeaks head Julian Assange, though not admitting Rich leaked any material to the website, hasn’t disputed the notion, either.”

In addition to his extra-curricular activities surrounding his search for illegal destruction of government records, Assange has no doubt also been scanning the State Department’s newly released trove of over 250 emails, mandated through recent litigation.  Although the information contained in these emails is generic and excruciatingly boring, there were some interesting tidbits that had to be redacted.

Of course, those redacted “sensitive or confidential” tidbits were sent to her daughter, Chelsea.  Does Chelsea have a security clearance?

Assange announced that he plans on topping the info that was released in 2016 by releasing even more in the current year. It will be interesting to note whether there will be a bite on the hook in his search for Obama dirt, but it will certainly be juicy without a doubt. With all the Executive Actions taken by this president, he’s likely to find much more than he bargained for…

And that might not be a bad thing.

Source: Fox News

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