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Look Out, America – Witches Are Assaulting Trump With Black Magic Spells…No, REALLY!

OK, file this one under Things That Are Nearly Too Stupid To Be Real.

But the anti-President Donald Trump rhetoric has really risen to a new level and frankly, that takes some doing, given the recent leftist insanity.

Now, this isn’t as frightening as watching a so-called “professor” have a full-on public meltdown, resulting in a stunned and embarrassed nation.

…or, depending on your point of view, this is even MORE terrifying if you just so happen to believe in witches. Yes, witches.

That’s right, a bunch of self-proclaimed witches banded together to try to take down President Donald Trump and if Democrats are as desperate as we think they are, one of them will probably support this bizarre protest.

From Breitbart:

A group of witches is attempting to use black magic to neutralize U.S. President Donald Trump by casting a ‘binding spell’ to prevent him from governing.”

The witches are going to get together to perform the “mass spell to bind Donald Trump” every waning crescent moon, until he’s removed from office.

So what’s a waning crescent moon? Well, in sane-peeps speak, that means the ceremony will be performed on March 26, April 24, May 23, June 21, July 21 and August 19. And what’s more, if you’re a Trump supporter, watch out.

“The spell also invokes evil on ‘those who abet’ Trump, which would seem to appear to cover his staff and political nominees and perhaps the millions who voted for him as well.

Oh boy, we got the witches breathing down our backs now.

And you thought having Rep. Maxine Waters completely lose her mind on live TV, calling his administration a “bunch of scumbags,” was about as bad as it got. Yeah, well, we’ve just crossed over the supernatural line, haven’t we?

Now comes the black magic.

There’s just nothing really to add to that. It’s about as dumb as it can get – dumber, even, than Hollywood’s Meryl Streep thinking she knows something about politics.

Liberals aren’t just desperate now; they’re officially batsh** insane.

Source: Breitbart

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