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This Woman Was Always Anti-Gun…Then 5 Seconds Of TERROR Changes Her Mind Forever

Many assume rural areas are safer than being in a big city. But unfortunately, you’re never really safe anywhere.

Drugs, especially methamphetamines, have been on the rise in suburban and rural areas, which has led to a sharp increase in crime and generally negligent behavior.

With nothing to do to distract the kids and poverty rates being much higher in many of these areas, drug use is a fall-back recreation.

For the dealers, these areas provide lucrative returns because the police presence is often very sparse, or local business owners and politicians are even in on the business.

Sometimes, you just have to protect yourself.

Lori Shelton of Mississippi has been anti-gun all her life. She never in her wildest dreams imagined training with a handgun for protection.

Until now…


“Shelton’s horrific experience occurred in April and she is now taking a firearm training course so she will be ready should her home be targeted again.

She is also getting her concealed carry permit.

According to News Channel 3, Shelton said, ‘I was getting ready for work doing my normal routine, and I heard a noise as I was getting out of the shower.’

She looked to see the source of the noise and ‘saw a man coming through the back of the house.’  She said, ‘The first thing I thought was I gotta do something.’

But she was limited on options: her daughter was in bed asleep, her husband was at work, and she did not have a gun.

Shelton checked again to see where the suspect was, saying, ‘I peeked through the blinds, the blinds stayed closed and peeked through and saw him looking at me. I mean we made complete eye contact.

He proceeded to come through the back of the house, and I ran back and dialed 911.’

When police arrived the suspect had fled the scene but they managed to arrest him a short time later.”

Although she’s still uneasy knowing he and others like him are still out there, she feels much more confident now that she can protect herself.

Hence, if the situation should ever come up again, her family won’t be at the mercy of the attacker.

Remember the Mama Bear who shoved a gun in the faces of 5 intruders, thusly sending them running from the house? Yes, that’s the result we want.

Stand for the Second Amendment.  Support the NRA.

Source:  Breitbart, News Channel 3

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