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Woman Raised By Lesbians Has 1 FEROCIOUS Message For Liberals – INSTANTLY Goes Viral

Same-sex marriage and relationships are common these days, as is adoption by same-sex couples.

And while liberals will scream in your ear and tell you it doesn’t matter, it seems having two moms or two dads might not be the optimum environment for children.

The children of lesbians and gay men are just beginning to come of age in a time when Liberalism has made gay sex and gay relationships nearly a normal occurrence.

And those children are speaking out.

Not long after experts have proven that “transgender” is essentially a MYTH, we start to see evidence that those raised in same-sex marriages are lacking a definite something.

Just ask Millie Fontana.

MAD World News:

“Millie Fontana, 24, was raised by two women. Her father was a friend of one of her mothers from high school, and they naturally conceived her and her two brothers.

After growing up with lesbian mothers, she’s speaking out to shed light on the negative effects of depriving a child of a mother and a father, and she’s infuriating liberals in the process.

According to Daily Mail, Millie met her father when she was 11 years old, saying in previous interviews it was the first time she felt ‘stable’ in her adolescence.

‘[My father] was open to a relationship with us if that’s something that rose up in the future,’ she said. ‘But it was strongly insinuated that we were fatherless.

When I was a young kid, I didn’t really want to bring people into my world,’ Fontana recalled.

‘Having that understanding of who my father would have benefited me to go into things like school…more confidently.'”

Fontana says that because she didn’t have a real father-figure in her daily life, she “clung” to men in other families, which turned out to be unhealthy.

Furthermore, she says she thinks that in many same-sex marriages, one of the parents will try to “masculinize” themselves to compensate for the lack of a male figure, but this proved woefully lacking for her.

There was a reason that God intended relations to be between men and women.  No amount of pseudo-science and new age mysticism can change that fact.

And with more evidence like this starting to leak out – and those of “alternative lifestyles” becoming HUGELY entitled – everyone is starting to reconsider the value of a true nuclear family.

Why? Because it works. It has always worked, and it will always work. Period.

Sources:  MAD World News, Daily Mail

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