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Woman Wakes Up To Find 5 Thugs In Her Home…Seconds Later, ALL 5 Are Running For Their Lives

Elsie Lee typically goes to bed right after putting her young son to bed and then settles in for the night.

But nobody rests easy when you live in an area that has a confirmed drug problem.

Like many parts of the country, Tennessee has had big problems with opioid abuse and methamphetamine addiction and where there are drugs, there’s violence.

There’s also general bad behavior and neglect, like the case of the babysitter who abandoned two little kids because she was clearly zonked out on hydrocodone.

So, when Lee was sleeping one night, a noise woke her to the fact that someone was in her home. Thinking only of her son, she made her way downstairs toward the kitchen.

Then she heard even more voices and she knew she was going to need more than just luck and a prayer.

Conservative Tribune:

‘I got up and came running through the hallway and my gun was sitting on the dog cage, and the guy was standing in the kitchen,’ she said. ‘He had just busted my door open.’

Lee had grabbed a shotgun off of the dog cage and her .45 caliber handgun from a nightstand before approaching the intruders.

I put the gun in his face and asked him if there was something I could do for him, and he was gone just that quick,’ Lee said.

‘I chased him out the back door trying to look at the tag number on the car, something I could describe other than just him.’

‘I almost killed him,’ Lee said of the encounter. ‘One of them could have been dead. Had he not ran, he would have been dead.’

Madison County Sheriff’s deputies quickly arrived and apprehended five suspected burglars within an hour, placing four adults and one juvenile in custody pending charges of aggravated burglary.

Yep, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that you DON’T mess with Mama Bear when it comes to her home and family.

And criminals should take heed, because some believe in the right to arm bears…

Source: Conservative Tribune, WBBJ

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