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This Woman Walks Into Walmart, Then Screams Erupt From The Trunk Of Her Car…

Being the father of five kids 10 and under, when I hear about children being hurt or mistreated, it makes me bristle with anger.

I will never understand how someone can be so cruel to children. Even when they are doing something wrong, they are still CHILDREN. They’re not adults, contrary to liberal propaganda.

The children expect the parent to teach them, to take care of them, and to protect them from harm at all times.

And in turn, we expect heartwarming and touching stories about parents doing their damndest to make kids happy. Shouldn’t we all be striving for that in the family environment?

What should NOT be expected OR tolerated are parents who aren’t parents, who actually harm their own children for reasons unknown.

Case in point, from Independent Journal Review:

“Charity Maw was in the parking lot outside a Utah Walmart last Thursday when she heard a pounding noise coming from a nearby car.

According to ABC 4 News, Maw said:

‘I was shocked, I was shaken, and I was mad.’

Another woman in the parking lot, Heidi, who declined to give her last name, told Fox 13 that she, too, could hear the pounding noise.

She and a friend were unloading groceries when they heard the noise coming from the car’s trunk. Upon placing her head next to it, she heard a disturbing noise:

‘I could hear some kids crying.’

‘I turned to my friend and I’m like, ‘There’s people in this trunk. There’s kids in this trunk!’

The children’s mother, 39-year-old Tori Castillo, was reportedly seen walking into the store around 6:00 p.m. on May 25, shortly after leaving her two children, ages two and five, in her black Chevy sedan.

Heidi explained she guided the girl through the license plate to open the trunk’s emergency latch.

When the trunk popped open the kids were sweating and crying:

‘Both kids just came out… they just jumped out at us. One lady took the 2-year-old, I took the 5-year-old.’

Maw said she feared what could have happened had no one heard the children’s cries on the warm May evening:

‘I can just imagine the car trunk because it was a dark car and the heat going on it… if nobody would’ve found them they could have died.’

The mother was charged with Child Abuse with Child Injury (4 counts) and the kids were remanded to a responsible party.

The woman’s excuse was that the sitter had not shown up…as if that’s an excuse.

It’s not as bad as some of the other child abuse stories we’ve heard recently, but it’s pretty damn despicable.

Sources:  Independent Journal Review, ABC 4 News

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